Pelosi: House Will Soon Vote on Repealing Hyde Amendment

At one point during this election, the Hyde Amendment was one of the hottest topics of debate.

If you recall, Joe Biden flipped his position like a fish out of water for several days, finally saying the amendment needed to go.

Well, now Pelosi is openly saying that when the House resumes, a vote will be taken to repeal the amendment.

The Hyde Amendment

In essence, the Hyde Amendment blocks the use of taxpayer funds to pay for abortions unless it is an extreme case.

The legislation was passed in 1976 but did not officially take effect until 1980.

Up until President Clinton’s administration, only abortions that threatened the mother’s life if the fetus was carried to term could be funded.

In October 1993, Clinton signed the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, which would also add funding for abortions in cases where rape and/or incest occurred.

The Biden Flip Flop

Joe Biden, up until this election, has always supported the Hyde Amendment.

That all changed when this video went viral…

At first, Joe Biden came right back out to support the amendment, saying he misheard the woman.

After significant outrage from the far left, Biden flipped again, saying that the amendment had to go.

By early June, Biden had formally come out to denounce the amendment, saying that he no longer supported and it must be repealed, something that left pro-life Democrats furious and feeling as though they had no voice in the party.

Repeal It

With Biden scheduled to move into the White House in January, Pelosi is now going to take a shot at repealing the amendment and even hinted that Dems may backdoor the process by including the repeal in other legislation.

She stated, “Well, I don’t know if there will be a bill to do that, but it will be part of legislation.

“Yes, I think that is — I mean, I, myself, have been an opponent of the Hyde Amendment long before I came to Congress. So, I would be receptive to that happening, yes.”

Pelosi continued, “[W]ay before I was in Congress, as soon as the Hyde Amendment was there, I was thinking, ‘How can we get rid of that?’ So, it’s long overdue, getting rid of it, in my view.”

This is pretty crafty on Pelosi’s part in that she can add it to legislation that would otherwise be bipartisan knowing full well that it would get blocked in the Senate if Republicans win those two seats in Georgia.

My guess is that if Republicans do hold on to the Senate, that is exactly what she will do as a way to once again claim it is Republicans keeping the government at a standstill, not Democrats.

In reality, however, it will be a tactical move by Pelosi to purposely have legislation blocked due to a poison pill being included in the legislation.

Source: Breitbart, The Hill, ABC News, & NPR

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