Pelosi Orders Portraits of Confederate Speakers Removed

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is now on a mission to erase as much of our history from public view as she possibly can.

On Thursday, Pelosi ordered the portraits of previous Speakers of the House who served in the Confederacy to be removed so Congress could “appropriately observe Juneteenth” today.

This is in addition to her efforts to have all Confederacy-linked statues removed from the halls of Congress.

Get Them Out

Today is Juneteenth, the day when the country celebrates the official end of slavery in Texas, which marked the true end of slavery in the entire country.

The news was delivered by Union Army General Gordon Granger in Galveston, TX.

Even though Pelosi never objected to these portraits before, this year it suddenly became urgent that they are removed to celebrate the holiday.

Pelosi sent a letter to House Clerk Cheryl Johnson, stating, “To appropriately observe Juneteenth this year, I write today to request the immediate removal of the portraits in the U.S. Capitol of four previous Speakers who served in the Confederacy: Robert Hunter of Virginia (1839-1841), Howell Cobb of Georgia (1849-1851), James Orr of South Carolina (1857-1859), and Charles Crisp of Georgia (1891-1895).”

She then immediately ran to the podium to let the press know of her latest effort to create a more “woke” America.

Pelosi stated, “Tomorrow, Juneteenth, the clerk will oversee the removal of those Confederate speakers from the House.

“There’s no room in the hallowed halls of this democracy, this temple of democracy, to memorialize people who embody violent bigotry and grotesque racism of the Confederacy.”

The Confederacy is Dead

I may not agree with statues being taken down throughout the country, but I can at least understand why some people believe they should be removed.

If they are removed, I am a firm believer these statues should be placed in a new location dedicated to the Confederacy simply so people can spur on conversations.

Having these statues and portraits up in the Capitol, at least to me, is the ideal place to spur on these conversations and dialogues about all periods of our history, not just the rosy periods.

We don’t necessarily have to be proud or agree of a period in time in this country to put it out in the open and have a conversation about it.

The real danger in all this is how far does it go? Where does it end? Are we getting to the point that our Founding Fathers and Framers will be erased from view because of their histories in the early days of this country?

Will George Washington’s name one day be equated to Lord Voldemort, in that it shall never be spoken again?

I can only imagine how much further this will be taken if Joe Biden wins the White House and Democrats get the House and Senate.

Source: New York Times & Fox News

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