Pelosi Pushing ‘Human Infrastructure’ for New Biden Spending Bill

“Human infrastructure…”

That is the new phrase you better get used to hearing because it is exactly how Democrats plan on loading up the infrastructure spending bill with more fat.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) started to push this idea over the weekend, as did Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

The New Infrastructure

Nobody here is denying the fact that this country’s infrastructure has been ignored for decades.

As many of us experience on a daily basis, bridges are old, airports are a mess, and roads seem to have more potholes than smooth surface these days.

To that point, if you are going to push a more than $2 trillion infrastructure bill, it better all be going to fix these issues, not fat for other programs.

When early reports of the new spending bill were leaked, there were estimated that roughly only half of the bill was going go to actual infrastructure.

Democrats are actually figuring out people are getting tired of wasteful spending, so they invented a new term… human infrastructure.

Pelosi, on her newfound wordsmith abilities, stated, “Well, no, because infrastructure is- it’s about education, about getting children healthily in school with separation, sanitation, ventilation.

“It’s about investments in housing as well. Overwhelmingly, this bill is about infrastructure in the traditional sense of the word. We also think that infrastructure- there’s a need for workforce development in order to have the workforce fully participate in how we go forward and childcare so that women can be involved in that as well.

“So, it’s physical infrastructure. It’s also human infrastructure that is involved. And the figure that they use is a ridiculous one to say that it’s just a small percentage of the bill.

“It is overwhelmingly what the legislation is about.

“And some newer versions of why- how we build the infrastructure in a way that takes building back better means we’re all going down the path together.”

Pelosi is wrong, of course, because there are programs in place for everything she mentioned above, and they surely do not belong under infrastructure.

This is just another way for Democrats to justify writing a massive check that will fund all of their favorite liberal programs and we cannot let them get away with it!

As long as Democrats do this, there is no way Republicans will get on board, which is exactly why Pelosi put on a big smile and stated, “The door is open. Our hand is extended. Let’s find out where we can find our common ground. We always have a responsibility to strive for bipartisanship.”

Their idea of bipartisanship is to get in line with the spending Democrats want to do or get left behind.

You can see Pelosi’s full interview in the video below…

Source: Breitbart

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49 Responses

    1. Kathy Laurendeau, I LIVED in China. THAT is the reason I am trying EVERYthing in my power to stop communism from overtaking here !!!

      1. Better than waiting and hoping they don’t incinerate us or kill of those of us that don’t want Communism.

    2. Why are roads bad? Why are bridges bad? Why have they been ignored for decades? I’ll tell you why, because of bad City, State Government. We pay state taxes. We pay car registration fee which is suppose to go towards our state roads and such but yet they don’t because of corruption. KISS MY AZZ BIDEN!!!

      1. Yes. Our Governor already pushed the button on infrastructure and guess what. Everything got patched up. Not
        roads resurfaced. Just patched up. There is only so much you can patch up. Well we have to live with it.
        Biden is not going to do much better as all of his buddies are now in as Governors.

      2. TRUE…TRUE…TRUE…TRUE MICHAEL… accordance w/the taxes we pay each year….registration fees etc. and we have “potholes” large enough to swallow a car. And Yes, all they do is patch…patch…patch…one rain fall and the “deep hole” is back …bigger than ever!!!… All we’ll ever hear is ….we needed the money for…???????whatever the fall banquet or Adult size kids Christmas Party. AAAAAND when you do see the truck out there to “fix the roads”….its patching….not fixing… re-CEMENT the ENTIRE ROAD MORON…NOT W/THE BLACK TOP CRAP THEY USE WHICH IS CHEAP AND USELESS… best it lasts one year….so what’s the point??? When I learned to drive the roads were pretty good and “Paved” as they should be. Then they found “black top” …cheap and easier to slap down. Guess they needed the extra $$$ to give themselves a raise they THINK they deserved. People should vote on giving any Congressional Group or Elected Official a raise; course it would be in accordance with what they “DO”!

      3. Still all of the “human infrastructure” is not their jurisdiction.Its none of their business!!!!! All they want is for us to fund their wish list! They have no right to tell me anything about my health, my education or any of the other myriad things they want to control!

    3. Better Yet…on a ship out of the Solar System!! They are in bed with the Chinese communist party!!!

    4. The whole Democratic Party is one bat sh*t crazy bunch of lunatics! MaligNancy Piglosi, Vulture Face Schumer, Mush Brain Biden, Heels Up Harris, etc. I couldn’t agree with you more.

    5. Laura, I really wish we could send them to China . I remember Obama RECIEVING money for infrastructure and nothing hot done on our roads !!! “The money he received needs to be investigated also !!!

  1. The wicked witch of the west once again opens her mouth and out comes lie after lie Nancy the American people are not as dumb as your are for you to think people believe your crap that comes out of your mouth.

    1. Derby , I agree with you . I think pelosi is Soo saturated with alcohol she thinks we believe her crap . God help us and get her out of Speakership in 2022 !

  2. Human infrastructure – Come on Dems, If you want a Trillion dollars for the kids, etc., just say it and let the cards fall. People are fighting the Dems because you guys are trying to change the meaning of words. Most of us call that B.S.

  3. This moronic piece of crap must think the American people are idiots,this bill is going to cost us taxpayers a fortune and nobody should believe otherwise,this administration is ruining this country and something needs to be done before it’s too late

  4. Piglosi, THE WICKED WITCH of the WEST, needs to take her ARROGANT LIES home to her LAIR in CALIFORNIA, never to be heard of or seen again!

  5. Without road, hwy repair we cant GO anyplace, really & fix RR tracks.
    Need ALL.
    Social services cant DO IT ALL

    1. Do I really think money will be used for infrastructure- NO –
      Just another way to scam
      We the ppl out of more $$$$$ sure there is PORK in there to give themselves another pay raise – always is!!! Most corrupt & Incompetent administration EVER!!!!! Power hungry FOOLS!!!!

      1. They get a raise as long as they don’t vote against it. No body in Congress is going to vote against their own raise? That is how it is fixed up for them. We get no say in how they spend the Tax Money.

  6. Look at her state,and she has big plans to fix the country .Ya, if you cant manage your state.Clean up your roads,your crime,your drug addiction,your homeless.You have a mess in California Lady.Show us how you take care of your state ,because If you cant clean up your own mess you have no right trying to clean up the whole country.Because you are not able to fix anything by the looks and it appears you are just wanting to get your greedy hands on more of Americas hard earned money for your own agenda AGAIN.Your insane to think we have any confidence in any of you there in DC. Your greedy self serving arrogant dictators.Real Americans want what is best for Americans,Not what is best for Nancy and her followers.

  7. Does Pelosi think we are all stupid? Tell her to resign and leave us alone. She has done enough damage to last several lifetimes. I will never support her!

  8. I keep hoping she will fall down the Capital steps and break her neck. I am so very tired of her lies and games.

  9. Someone please tell “Nance” that word games are not working any more we have figured out that when that begins it is to cover the lies to we the people.

  10. I believe the democrats used this same false program to fix our roads and cities with the Obama/Biden presidency signs went up and nothing was repaired or fixed, absolutely nothing was done to fix our info structure by that fake regime. Why should we believe this Pelosi theft of money is going to do anything for our country? These politicians like Pelosi lie and cheat to get whatever they want. We the people need to take control and restructure the congress into something that actually can produce something of value to the citizens who pay their bloated salary’s

  11. The Democrats must believe they have a very stupid and uninformed constituency. Well they do obviously. They play to that base and are trying successfully to add to it with the illegals coming in from the open borders policy of theirs as well. You might notice that education including Civics and American History is not included at all. That doesn’t fit in their plan to change America into their Marxist ideology and reality.

  12. Everything out of their mouths are lies to get what they want. I have no trust in anything they say. Why don’t our elected Republicans see that. I am losing trust in our elected officials-they must think smarter than the Democratic Party! In stead they don’t stand together-unified. The lackeys that wanted to impreach Pres. Trump after he was out of office is an example! Stupid!!!

  13. Time to say what they mean and mean what they say!!
    Infra- means “below;” so the infrastructure is the “underlying structure” of a country and its economy, the fixed installations that it needs in order to function. These include roads, bridges, dams, the water and sewer systems, railways and subways, airports, and harbors. These are generally government-built and publicly owned. Some people also speak about such things as the intellectual infrastructure or the infrastructure of science research, but the meaning of such notions can be extremely vague.

  14. Piglosi is lying as usual! Vacate the speaker’s chair, kick her out of congress! She is only there to line HER pockets! Time for her to be out, and stop obstructing, lying, grafting the people!

  15. Stupid Nancy. “Human infrastructure” isn’t a new term. It was coined post WW1 by the Soviets as a means to convince their citizens into blindly walking into a dictatorship.

  16. pelosi…..shut the hell up and get rid of the word salad that you keep spewing. You are a useless reprehensible disgrace to America. You old hag, you don’t even deserve to breathe American air.

  17. She is pure evil! Why didn’t she ask Swalwell to resign after we all found out about him sleeping with a Chinese spy? What a hypocrite!

  18. Infra- means “below;” so the infrastructure is the “underlying structure” of a country and its economy, the fixed installations that it needs in order to function. These include roads, bridges, dams, the water and sewer systems, railways and subways, airports, and harbors. These are generally government-built and publicly owned. Some people also speak about such things as the intellectual infrastructure or the infrastructure of science research, but the meaning of such notions can be extremely vague. Infrastructure | Definition of Infrastructure by Merriam …
    Definition of infrastructure. 1 : the system of public works of a country, state, or region also : the resources (such as personnel, buildings, or equipment) required for an activity. 2 : the underlying foundation or basic framework (as of a system or organization) So, Pelosi, how does your definition stack up to the dictionary. I doubt it comes close. Your definition is total BS. Your definition is wasting tax payer money again on projects that will never pay for anything meaningful as useful. Like all Democrat plans, they are failures. Name one Democrat plan that actually worked besides the stolen election 2020. Even that one was so screwed up, everyone in the World has seen how flawed it was. Just so happens that the crooked Judges and the Supreme Court refuse to prosecute is the only reason Trump is not President and you are not in prison. But don’t worry, soon, soon, your day in court will come.

  19. I think we ought to take a page out of human sacrifice and throw them all in a volcano. True the noxious gas would be intense for a bit but it would go away. Quite unlike the “life time politicians” that we have now.

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