Pelosi Says She Was Ready to Fight Capitol Rioters

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) continues to prove every day she is no longer fit for office.  

Pelosi, who was literally ushered out of the Capitol within minutes of the riot, now wants us all to believe she was going to do her best impersonation of Sonya Blade if the rioters got close to her.  

During a recent interview, Pelosi stated that had the rioters gotten to her, “They would have had a battle on their hands.” 

Street Fighter 

Nancy Pelosi is 81 years old, so pretty much everything she is saying on this front is in her delusional mind.  

However, when she was asked what would have happened if she came face-to-face with a rioter, she stated“Well, I’m pretty tough.  

“I’m a street fighter.  

“They would have had a battle on their hands.” 

This is all political theater, however, as it would have taken about two seconds for someone to knock her off her feet.  

I would even go on the record saying I doubt Pelosi has ever had an actual physical confrontation in her life, as she has been surrounded by Capitol security for most of her adult life.  

All Pelosi is doing by making a statement such as this is daring someone to come after, which is exactly what she would love to see happen. 

Realistically, she knows nobody can get close to her because of her armed protection detail but if it did happen, she would get to paint conservatives as more radical than she already has.  

Nancy, the only people that will be coming for you are the men in the white coats because a mental asylum is exactly where you belong! 

Source: Fox News & USA Today 

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38 Responses

  1. Oh great, Pelosi is an 81 year old “street fighter” She’s about as dangerous as a bag of wet hair.

    1. Except for her treacherous, lying, evil mouth that has done nothing but bring our country down since she has been in office. The very first thing she did when she came into office was to get repealed the McCarren Warner Act of 1952 “Forbidding “Muslims” from holding office with the blessing of George H. W. Bush who signed off on it.

      1. Yes both traitors to our country. Should be punished for being a tyrant and traitors! But it’s ok GOD will punish all evil people.

    2. HEY, DON’T PUT NOTHING PAST HER.. I feel that Piglosi has a great defense, its called “HER FARTS”. She is SO GOOD, she controls them at will.

    3. The ONLY thing that Lagosi is fighting right now, are her WRINKLES!!!!! You can only get so many FACELIFTS AND INJECTIONS!!!! TERM LIMITS NOW!!!!+!!!!+×

    4. NOT REALLY!
      Pepsi would have mounted her Super-Charged Broom that she flies to Frisco every week!
      Another TOUGH DEMOCRAT??????
      Crazy Old Biden wants to take President Trump behind the woodshed for a beating????
      Biden would probably find a shoe with golf spikes in his culi!
      Andrew Cuomo wants to punch President Trump in the nose????
      Can Andrew (SONY) Cuomo, Fredo’s older brothe,r reach his face????

    5. Yes, I would pay to see her put up her dukes !! Drink in one hand and her claw hand waving in the faces of attackers….poor demented old broad does not realize she is too old to still be standing let alone ” street fighting “

    6. If she is a street fighter as she says, why then did she have the capital surrounded with fencing? She has lost it like Biden. Remember when she was kneeling with the African garb on, she needed help up!

      1. Traditionally, you shoot zombies in the head and the bullet to the brain kills them. Easy enough.
        But the zombiecrats, that lack a brain, are nearly impossible to get rid of.

  2. I am in my mid 90’s….and I would like to “get rid of Ms. IMPEACH-IMPEACH!! Why can’t “WE IMPEACH her?? She is being overpaid for what she has done…Let us get “rid” of her!! (and her “cronies” as well!! They have turned our beautiful America into third world country! Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do!!

    1. I do agree with your question
      Why can’t we impeach her
      She has over and over done things that are truly things she can be charged with
      She and her co hearts that took money to pay for our president To be lmpeached
      Not once but over and over
      They should be charged and have to pay back the money they spent
      Where are the republicans that we Chose to fight for truth and liberty for our country!
      I say America remember these traitors that are destroying our great nation
      Truth is what will SET US FREE!
      This is something the Democratics do not understand
      They are full of one lie after another

  3. You all are crazy need to get you bunch of retards out of office Biden is needs to go to the funny farm anyone that would let a retard run our country is a shame how could you all be so stupid all you Democrats have lost your minds so sad shame on you all

  4. never seen a street fighter with all those hand and finger movements and her mouth spitting while she talks , she could win a fight and never touch anything . at her age she most likely has bad breath that could kill a moose . that wooman needs to be put in a padded cell . the devil can’t wait till he gets ahold of her and see how tuff she is . maybe her and Mc Cain can be a tag team in hell . just hope obumer and hillary ain’t the ref . definitely will be a fix

  5. She let poor people SUFFER because she didn’t want to make a deal because of politics.

    Elitist piece of ____________ fill in the blanks.

  6. Pelosi talks like she is tough but she’s not tough she is a frail old lady better yet a drunken old lady who doesn’t stay sober enough to try and do anything you can blow on her and she would fall right over kick the scumbag out of office she doesn’t belong there it’s time to get rid of her because she is useless name one thing she has done for this country lately all she good at is tearing this country down by dividing it time to go miss booze brain and take crying Schumer with you.

  7. The old hag is so full of sbit as usual. What she really means is her security detail will fight for her…maybe? Her and the creepy guy could fight as long as the wind doesn’t blow!

  8. I want President Donald J Trump to serve as President – in fact, he should be serving now!! Unfortunately, members of the Supreme Court, the Senate and the House of Representatives were Derelict in their Duty to ensure only legitimate votes were counted. We The People need to elect those who love and have clear allegiance to the USA. In fact, we should rise up and demand the perpetrators of fraudulent practices in the 2020 General Election be charged and prosecuted for their criminal conduct. Unfortunately, I do not have available or unlimited funds to contribute!!Just make sure you stand firmly with President Donald J Trump, for the Constitution and what is right for We The People of the United States of America. If you do, I am confident the huge Silent Majority will elect/retain you to represent them. DO IT!!!

  9. The first rule of street fighting is, you don’t call yourself a street fighter.
    – The brain-dead baby killer couldn’t whoop a butterfly.

  10. LOL she considers herself lucky to make it to the potty without soiling herself and she thinks she could have fought young thugs off! Hah!

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