Pelosi’s BBB Legislation Includes Amnesty for 6.5M

How many times have we railed against monstrous legislation because of the little landmines politicians just love to throw in there?

As we had suspected all along, the Congressional Budget Office cited the House version of Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan includes amnesty for illegal immigrants.

All told, 6.5 million of them would be getting a free pass if this legislation passes as is.

Leave It to Pelosi

It is just sickening that Democrats would stoop to these depths to get amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.

They continue to redefine “infrastructure” in their never-ending quest to pack this country with future voters for their party by granting mass amnesty.

All of these people broke the law (or someone else broke the law) to gain entry.

Keep in mind, Trump put an offer on the table when he was president, against his supporters’ wishes, that would have granted amnesty for about four million illegals.

Now we know why Democrats turned it down.

The CBO report on the legislation stated, “Many of those parolees would subsequently receive lawful permanent resident (LPR) status.

“A few million other people, most of whom are already in the United States, would gain LPR status through the provisions … or as immediate relatives of those who gain LPR status under the bill.”

If the legislation is passed, that means many of these individuals would immediately qualify for federal benefits, including Medicare and Social Security.

The costs of this are not included in the bill’s overall cost, which would mean an even bigger deficit than it already creates.

The only solace here is that the Senate is expected to modify the legislation significantly.

Hopefully, part of that will be to remove the amnesty clause.

Source: Newsmax

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14 Responses

    1. I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that Nancy Pelosi was permanently term limited by a good heart attack or stroke, cancer, or got run over by a drunk/drugged illegal alien driver.

  1. Just goes to show how STUPID THE DEMOCRAPS ARE these people are not stupid they’ll see what the DEMOCRAPS are trying to make the UNITED STATES a DICTATORSHIP and they’ll never vote for them the same as the intelligent American citizens hate them. FACT

  2. The reason she did this because she’s going to see a red wave in 2022 and 2024. No body in their right mind will vote for Communism except for democrats. America we need to go red across the United States.

  3. What is wrong with Pelosi and the dems? They have lived luxuriously in our country and still they want to destroy it. They are disgusting and traitors. They got what they wanted but want to keep the rest of us from having any way of enjoying what they have.

  4. Like the commercial with the little boy: Let’s tear it up! That seems to be the attitude of the Democratic party. We have the best country in the world, but, “Let’s tear it up!”

  5. She is so unbelievable . She wants these people for vote, so in order to get that she is offering benefits,social security that not one have ever worked for . I was born and raised in America, now 72 and I’m short 4 credits to draw SS and have a bill for over 500 dollars for my Medicare every three months . How is this fair ? Something needs to be done with their way of thinking , they are buying votes from illegals, while all are citizens are really struggling. Pelosi needs to be putout to pasture and given minimum pay ‼️

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