Pence Declines to Use 25th Amendment to Remove Trump from Office

Last night, the House passed a measure urging Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment.

Even though Mike Pence is clearly upset with Trump, he is refusing to invoke the 25th, which has sent Democrats right over the edge.

Now, calls of “cowardice” are being echoed on the left, calls that are only going to make the divide in this country far, far deeper.

The Resolution

Democrats clearly thought that if they put enough pressure on Pence, they could get him to commit to the ultimate betrayal of Trump.

They wanted the Vice President to do their dirty work for them, but they won’t be so lucky.

Pence foreshadowed his stance, but the House went forward with the resolution and the vote anyway, which passed, 223-205.

Again, this was a divisive move because they knew Pence was not going to honor their request.


This was done solely so Democrats can try to ruin Pence as they are Trump.

With Pence having defended Trump throughout this presidency, Democrats clearly want his political career to be over.

So, after the resolution passed and Pence formally declined to follow their order, this is what was released…

If Democrats truly wanted to unite this country, right or wrong, they would simply let the next week play out and be done with Trump.

With the damage that has been done over the last two weeks, Trump’s political future is over unless Democrats misplay their hand.

The best way for them to do that is to hold an impeachment that is not successful, allowing Trump to say he was vindicated.

So, not only are Democrats creating more divide, but they are also going all-in on their effort to purge Trump, an effort that could monumentally backfire against them and make Trump a player again in 2024.

It is just a bizarre set of circumstances that would seem to present a far greater risk than reward to Democrats.

This is especially true if they go after impeachment immediately rather than allowing the Senate to focus on Biden’s cabinet and COVID relief that they want to pass so badly.

Biden’s entire 100-day agenda is now at risk, which only benefits conservatives and Trump, simply because Democrats want to carry out a personal vendetta against Trump.

Source: Fox News

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