Pentagon Software Chief Resigns, Says China Already Won

The United States is supposed to be a technology giant.

Former Pentagon software boss Nicolas Chaillan says that is not true.

Chaillan recently left his Pentagon job because he believes that China has already won the tech war against our country, and the globe, for that matter.

Child’s Play

We have all seen the massive cyberattacks that have taken place against our country in recent years.

Many of these breaches are believed to have been the work of Russian and Chinese operatives.

The only question is whether their governments were behind them or not.

Chaillan stated that the United States is operating at levels nowhere near what China can do, and it is only going to worsen.

He stated, “We have no competing fighting chance against China in 15 to 20 years.

“Right now, it’s already a done deal; it is already over, in my opinion.”

Chaillan believes the United States erred when devoting less funding to AI research in favor of stockpiling military equipment and weapons.

He was also very critical of tech giants in this country not working with the government as they do in countries like China.

He stated, “While we wasted time in bureaucracy, our adversaries moved further ahead.”

Chaillan continued, “At this point, I am just tired of continuously chasing support and money to do my job.”

He added that this position at the Pentagon was “probably the most challenging and infuriating of my entire career.”

This is beyond alarming, especially when considering the hacks and data breaches we have seen over the last year.

Source: New York Post

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20 Responses

  1. China is SERIOUS about their plans !!!!!!!!!!! America IS NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t worry about China; just worry about using the right pronoun, and equity, and trans rights !!!!!!!!!!! Yeh !!!!! THAT WILL SAVE US !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Spent too much time on civil liberties than a threat miles away American are to blame for every pos that we buy from those commie pos.

  2. More depressing news coming from this government. Although this has been building for many years, what is this woke administration going to do about it?

    1. Nothing. Bet on it. This administration is hell bent on controlling the US Citizens. Meanwhile, it is bringing in illegals with the mentality of a turnip, taking our jobs while demanding less money (for now, that is). What in God’s name is wrong with you Liberals? Our freedoms, our technology, our very existence is being trampled. Wake Up. America needs you to.

  3. Just look at Argentina – This will be the USA is a few years. Greedy and corrupt politicians will do it every time!

  4. Saw story on CBN about the Chinese Police state: 415M cameras to spy on Nation
    No way would I want to be a tourist there.

  5. America gets what it deserves with continually electing treasonous politicians! They need to be arrested , tried for treason and executed, pretty much all the dems and half of the republicans

  6. Let’s look at politicians bank accounts and off shore accounts, especially Pelosi. These corrupt politicians have become very very rich in their positions. Not that they work for the country or their constituents. Look how rich Obama was when he left office. 8 years made him a billionaire.

  7. Our priorities are wrong. We need to spend more time on our security than we do. But with this administration all they can think of is, better get vaccinated or lose your job. Oh don’t forget the correct pronouns and all that stuff too. That is important you know.

  8. That’s right. Just throw up your hands and quit. What a wimp and zero backbone. That is not what Americans do. They put their heads together and figure out a way to turn this around. Where are all the geeks out there. Are you letting them throw in the towel. You all need to band together and figure this out and then take it to a trusty person to run it by and for God’s sake no a Rhino, not the pretend president, and not to a democrat. Propose it to Trump’s group and they would figure out how to put it out there.

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