Pentagon Leaks Joe Biden Reversal – White House Stunned…

President Joe Biden recently declared that the pandemic was “over.”

It turns out that he wasn’t referring to the time period that America was going to restrict its citizens’ rights, he was only talking about the time period we were allowed to blame him for all the deaths.

Because according to the Pentagon…

The pandemic is NOT over.

If the pandemic was over, why is there still a COVID vaccine mandate in our military?

“Certainly, from the Department of Defense standpoint, we still have a requirement to vaccinate when it comes to COVID. And so we’ll continue to implement our measures,” the Pentagon said recently.

If that’s true, then what the hell was Joe talking about?

What’s over if you’re still going to be able to tell us when and where we need to be vaccinated?

It turns out that nothing mush has changed.

They just want us to think it has.

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