Customer Ambushed at Philadelphia Gas Station

Over the last year or so, the new “thing” has been gas station robberies.

Chicago has had an absurd amount of carjackings that have taken place, sometimes turning violent when the victim fights back.

In Philadelphia, the victim did not even have a chance, ambushed in broad daylight by two thugs.

Shot Dead

The footage is horrifying, as two gunmen emerge in broad daylight and open fire…

The motive for the killing is not yet known, but the victim, 30-year-old Brandon Dixon, was clearly targeted.

Now his 5-year-old girl gets to grow up with no father because Philadelphia has literally become a war zone for its residents.

Dixon’s mother hit the nail on the head, stating, “I don’t know who’s raising these children, but they [the attackers] don’t care. They have no empathy.

“They have nothing in them. They don’t care and they took my baby’s life.”

Source: New York Post

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6 Responses

  1. Wait until Gov Wolf is no longer PA governor, make this a death penalty case and PA prosecutors need to see this killer put down permanently. Make use of a firearm in a murder one of the “special circumstances” to invoke the death penalty on these killers.

  2. Law abiding citizens can’t be armed the politicians are seeing to that. but the street low life dirtbags thugs are fully packed with guns and other lethal weapons killing and hurting whenever and whoever they want knowing they most likely will get away with it..BUT, Sooner or later the people will grow tire of abuse and killings the sh_t is going to hit the fan the Law abiders are going to strike back with a vengeance.

  3. I’m Georgia we have constitutional carry. We are one of 25 states that now have it. Therefore we have a fighting chance. Need to elect some Republicans and you could get constitutional carry.

    1. Tell them what this means. It means you can carry a pistol on you at all times, seen or unseen, surprise them before they can react. BTW I also live in Georgia. We also have a Right to Work state, so unions do not have control of us.

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