Police Officer and City Manager Fired

Over the last two days, two very high-profile individuals have been fired by their respective offices.  

The first was the police officer that led the traffic stop of a black Army officer.  

The second individual was a city official that called for “due process” for the officer-involved shooting in Minnesota.  

Police Officer Terminated 

The traffic stop of an Army officer went viral after the officer was seen macing a black Army lieutenant 

This immediately became a racial issue, and now the officer has been terminated. 

The police officer stated that he believed the driver of the vehicle was “eluding police,” but the Army officer maintained he was merely trying to find a well-lit area to stop for the officer. 

Police officials stated, “The Town of Windsor prides itself in its small-town charm and the community-wide respect of its Police Department. 

“Due to this, we are saddened for events like this to cast our community in a negative light.

“Rather than deflect criticism, we have addressed these matters with our personnel administratively, we are reaching out to community stakeholders to engage in dialogue and commit ourselves to additional discussions in the future.” 

It would be very easy to argue this is an overreaction and that more training and a suspension would have been more in order, but there is little shot of that happening in today’s charged environment.

City Manager Terminated 

After the bodycam footage of the Daunte Wright shooting was released, City Manager Curt Boganey promised “due process” for the officer involved.  

Boganey stated, “All employees working for the city of Brooklyn Center are entitled to due process with respect to discipline. This employee will receive due process, and that’s all I can really say today.” 

That was enough for Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott to dismiss Boganey 

Elliott announced via Twitter that Boganey had been relieved, stating, “Effective immediately our city manager has been relieved of his duties, and the deputy city manager will be assuming his duties moving forward. I will continue to work my hardest to ensure good leadership at all levels of our city government.” 

Both firings are a direct result of the new cancel culture and PC culture that have taken over this country, especially the second instance.  

It is just ironic that we now see Democrats and liberals sticking up more for murderers and rapists than they do for a police officer or a city manager that was merely stating that the law needed to be followed before taking any action.  

Source: The Blaze & New York Post

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28 Responses

  1. This is why Defund the Police is so strong
    & why Vigilante Justice will step in.
    Aside cops shooting blacks
    BUT a black officer?
    Get real
    Bad Police training or poorly trained cops
    Revamp whole PD of Windsor VA
    Update training.
    Vet hiring?

      1. Did you read the article? He wasn’t resisting arrest! He stated he was trying to find a WELL LIGHTED area to pull over to. I don’t blame him (for his own safety)!! “When you get pulled over cooperate and thats it”). May I ask- what is your nationality? What is the past history of a situation like this for blacks?

  2. talk about lennin and his regime first it is speech then religion then justice authority then you are done for and will be used as pawns by the higher ups. when anything fails you will marched up to do the job………share you home site with many people and give up your children….they have beautiful plans for you this left movement with woke at its helm…………wake up and smell the roses it is going to get tougher out there………….you see admited marists action of the blm spending money like water money they did not earn but swindled out of people for a usless cause. wait until you are rounded up to clean out poop rooms because the sewer system has failed. you will stink for a month………everyone will be rounded up to give support to your lusterious leaders. beware the left agenda vote cautiously in the next election.

  3. How stupid! A police officer doing their job in this day and time and city officials get canned over wrongminded, anarchist protests and leftist idiotic thinking!

  4. Regardless of the events all individuals in our Great Country should be granted DUE PROCESS……..Where is our great Republic headed if we dismiss our Constitution.

    As American citizens we had better start asking questions before we are not allowed to ask questions!

  5. HEY…..Our Country is So Full of Bull S _ _ T……Anymore, Police can’t do their Jobs anymore, due to those IDIOTS out their with their Phones and Video ….Everything a Police Office Does……..Well, that is the Way Things Are In Our World Today………..However, IF, we could Get Rid of ALL The Dumb A * * es…..in this Country….We would be in the situations that we are……. It is so pathetic anymore – I don’t Even Have Words to Describe the Cr_p…of Today’s Society. Somehow the country has done nothing but BREED…..Dumb A _ _ es.!!!!!! AND – It is Even Getting Worse and Every Day Goes By………………………….

    1. And it all started with the slaves being sold here by their own kind, worst thing that ever happened to this country.

      1. No! It started when the OTHER KIND wanted to buy workhorses and considered the slave no more than an animal!! Do your historical research so that you can get the story right!!!

  6. The leaders of these communities like the mayor are the direct cause of these black peoples deaths because they are promoting the idea that the cops are out to get black people and that the cops are arresting them just because they are black and its ok if they resist being arrested and they shouldn’t be bothering black people for any reason. These idiots are just making the problem worse by saying this.

  7. Breaking ALERT. Quit resisting arrest and this won’t be happening you won’t be shot. SIMPLE as that.

  8. Kissing black butt seems to be mandatory, these days. I’ve never owned a black slave and no one reading this has.

    Seems it’s time to ‘lock & load’ & take the country back from all the morons currently in positions of authority.

  9. I saw the video on this incident. Officers like those who give police a bad name. After watching videos like this incident, is it any wonder that many feel uneasy when ever police pull them over or approach them? This incident only adds fuel to the fire for those who want to defund police.

  10. So police officers are not entitled to due process. We cannot cave in to these rioting thugs and make all cops guilty, when most of the time they are not. When you commit most of the murders and other violent felonies in the country, then your going to get yourself in trouble more with law enforcement. Quit blaming others. You have no one to blame but Yourself.

  11. I watched the video, ( unedited version), and the officer did the right thing. The LT wasn’t cooperating or complying with instructions given by the officer. Then we also have the fact the LT was actually armed. That is enough to warrant getting a face full of mace. That LT should be counting his blessings because if you’re not compliant and you have a gun on your person, police usually don’t mace you, they shoot you. The LT was wrong from the get go and so is the decision to terminate the officer in question. Now contrary to how many people are going to believe that I support all police officers, I don’t. I’ve had my share of experiences with the police in several cities, it’s never been a good experience but because I complied with the requests I wasn’t maced, I wasn’t treated badly.

  12. Sig Hiel
    Sig Hiel
    Sig Hiel
    Sig Hiel
    1935 is back, just a few years till annialation of the American patriot

    Welcome to Biden concentration camp
    Sig hiel

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