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Poll: 3 Out of 4 Americans Do NOT Want Mt. Rushmore Destroyed

This new cancel culture that everyone is embracing so much may be nothing more than a ruse by liberals.

While we are seeing calls for the destruction of Mt. Rushmore in the media, a new poll says most Americans do not feel that way.

The latest Rasmussen survey found that 75 percent of likely voters OPPOSE Mt. Rushmore being changed in any way, with less than 20 percent supporting the removal of the monument.

The Silent Majority

When Donald Trump ran for election in 2016, the one thing we always heard about was the silent majority.

The premise behind it was that people were saying one thing publicly but privately, they supported Trump.

Election day proved that theory right, and it may be something we are seeing again this year.

This is not a one-way street, either, as the majority of black voters also agreed the destruction of Mt. Rushmore was just going too far.

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Rasmussen reported that 56 percent of black Americans were opposed to any change of Mt. Rushmore and only 35 percent supported removing the monument.

Additionally, more than 70 percent of American voters disagreed with the removal of monuments dedicated to Washington and Jefferson.

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Will They Speak Again?

This may seem like a random poll, but it is one of the more polarizing issues today and clearly, Americans do not want to see these monuments come down.

If, however, Democrats are in charge, as we are seeing right now with Pelosi and the Capitol hall portraits and statues, they will come down.

This is not the Democrat party of JFK, not even close. This is a party that has lost its way and it is being engulfed by far-left radicals that are dictating policy right now.

In this country, the majority is supposed to rule but right now, about 10-15 percent are dictating policy and, in the process, Democrats could be alienating the more moderate members of the party.

By November, will these individuals be sick and tired of the cancel culture taking over in this country right now or will they continue to allow the radicals on the left to continue to speak for them?

If this outlandish behavior continues and the far-left continues to try to cancel everything about our history, they may just end up handing Trump the White House on a silver platter.

Source: Brietbart & Rasmussen Reports

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