POLL: Americans Questioning Biden’s Integrity and Empathy

During the campaign, Joe Biden made a lot of promises to a lot of different people.

If those that voted for him had been paying attention, they would have realized that many of those promises were conflicting.

In other cases, he simply did not have the power to make such decisions, so he was just telling people what he thought they wanted to hear to get their vote.

Now he is paying the price.

More Bad Numbers for Joe

Economist/YouGov put together a poll to get a deeper look at why Biden is losing support among voters, and it was very telling.

Joe Biden is –5 percent in saying what he believes and saying what he thinks people want to hear.

He is –1 percent regarding trustworthiness.

Biden is –8 percent on confidence in his ability to handle an international crisis.

And here is the big one…

Biden is currently –32 percent on uniting the country, one of his major campaign promises.

As if those numbers were not bad enough, the poll was taken BEFORE the Delta variant news started to break, so it is a fairly safe assumption he is even further underwater now.

Joe Biden was elected on a big lie, and now, finally, voters are starting to see the truth. It is six months too late, but at least they are finally opening their eyes and seeing Biden for what he really is.

Source: Fox News

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29 Responses

  1. if people had watched his middle of the road crap for the last 40 years even the chinese wouldn’t have voted for him he has always made promises out both sides of his mouth and dam,n near every issue he has jumped on the band wagon he has been on the wrong side of it.He is a fence straddler never having both feet on the ground on anything unless its the wrong thing.

      1. Biden can be impeached, if the Republicans enact the ‘War Measure Act’ against him.
        With all the illegals he’s letting in, they are a threat to National Security!

    1. Great and true post. The whole world knows Biden is a nasty, dumb, disgraceful, disrespectful, hateful, idiot. ENOUGH SAID!

    1. Jerry Hughes: Maybe Dementia Joe should give Harris a newer, easier job: being Joe’s food taster.

  2. Whenever Biden speaks….WHENEVER! HE SPEAKS!….ALWAYS FACT-CHECK THIS GUY!! Biden has a well-known reputation for being a pathological LIAR!!

  3. 1/2 the population knew joe would not keep his word or promises that’s why we didn’t vote for him. Now with all the bull shiff is out in the open, not transparent, they are not satisfied with joe. You can’t blame me, I didn’t vote for joe, why I knew. Joe hasn’t done anything for my country absolutely nothing. Joe said he was a unifying president, what has he done to unify well just the LEFT. NOW THE EXTREAMST see him how he is. That’s right he has to uphold the constitution unlike nancy.

    1. For ALL that I care and know, this (joe biden) creepy crooked old treasonous thieving pervert has done more than betrayed his sworn oath of office. No doubt that by reason of his twisted sick and deceitful actions .. not just joe biden, but the whole nest of rats who form the “democrats’ party”, ALL of them are nothing but TRAITORS .. the real domestic enemies of the US American people and our Nation.

  4. Biden and Harris both are a train wreck. They are bringing this country down in record time. Paid to serve and protect Americans and they are doing the exact opposite. This invasion of illegals with COVID spreading it all over this country seeing as they are being bussed and flown all over the states. Then there is rapist, criminals and influx of drugs that kill people. The crime is absolutely horrendous and no one is doing a dam thing. Innocent children being shot and killed as well as innocent people. IT HAS GOT TO STOP.

  5. Sue: He has 47 plus years of proof that all he can do is lie. If he ever told the truth, no one would believe it.
    Come on fact-check this and say it’s a lie. I dare you!

  6. I certainly hope millions of Democrats are finally seeing through Biden’s lies. They’ve been duped and the fake news had led the sheep to the slaughter. We are smarter than this America! How could we allow this to happen? We need strong Conservatives to take charge and fight for our democracy and educate our children to be proud of America.

  7. Trump hatred overcame their common sense. Now we pay the price. Hope you that voted for him are happy.

    1. I just do not understand why people hate our past President? I’m sure part of it was msnbc and cnn and other political operators that claim to be telling the truth, but lie like and more than Joe compulsive lier Biden

  8. Everybody should be calling Joe Biden a donkey face liar
    Everything he’s been in office all he has been doing is destroying America, Even in all those years in office he didn’t do anything good

  9. If you Don’t Know it Now, It’s time you pay attention to the NEWS casters you Listen to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In i50 years name one major Improvement for AMRICA and IT’S CITIZENS that he wrote !!!!!!!!!!! There ae dozens of FAILURES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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