POLL: Biden Support on Handling of Border Crisis Collapses

There are two major issues that Joe Biden is dealing with right now and he is losing grip on both of them.

Biden’s highest ratings for dealing with the pandemic were before he ever took office, and he has been on the decline ever since.

Now, he is also getting bad news on the immigration front, as the majority of Americans now disapprove of the way Biden is handling the crisis at the border.

The Biden Collapse

If everyone is being honest, we can accept the fact that the majority of people that voted for Biden in the election were actually voting against Trump.

We all have friends that sold out the conservative movement simply because they did not like Donald Trump, his tweets, or some other aspect of his personality.

Ironically, most of those individuals would also tell you that they loved his policy, proving that winning the presidency is more personality than policy these days.

Well, those individuals are finally waking up and starting to hold Biden accountable for the mess they all helped create by voting him into office.

With the border surge now out of control, a whopping 55 percent of those recently surveyed in an AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll.

The numbers for Biden on immigration as a whole mirror those numbers, with Biden getting a 56 percent disapproval rating.

Even worse news for Biden is the fact that a mere 24 percent of those surveyed approve of the way he is handling the unaccompanied minor situation.

It is now just a matter of time before this whole house of cards starts to tumble down.

It may take a few more months, but buyer’s remorse is clearly starting to settle in as more and more people realize that Joe Biden is nothing more than a talking head.

The fact that Jen Psaki continues to spin reports every day during her daily presser is not helping the situation, with her most recently trying to justify Biden’s four Pinocchio rating by the Washington Post.

I continue to believe that as all this plays out, a red wave hits in 2022 followed by a red tsunami in 2024.

Source: Fox News

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157 Responses

    1. AMEN its about time for that impeachment for Biden and Harris now put them in jail also to stop them from destroying our country

      1. 2 1/2 months in office and you want to impeach him – for what. He inherited Trump’s refusal to provide facilities to process immigrants. Trump’s fault; not the guy in office less than 3 months.

        1. Pay attention the cages that butthole Biden is using were built by Obummer and Biden and now are over crowded because of Biden border politics stop blaming Trump for your stupidity!

          1. Agreed. Some havent done any research. Still blameing President Trump for what Killery Klinton made. She was in charge and built those cages.

        2. What a moronic thing to say. Everything was under control until this imbecile took over he is ruining the American dream for everyone for everyone except if rich friends and family.

        3. You don’t know what you are talking about . TRUMP STOPPED ALL THE ms13 gang members and ones bringing drugs also he had Mexico keeping them on their side until they could be checked out . He did not let every country,.terrorists , illegal in . Biden stopped that the 1st week . Now we have half a million that have come in a lot with covid any they put them on a bus and let them go where ever. They are using the same cages that Obama built that they critiqued Trump for using , now they have so many they are using cages and thousands are sent to army camps . Kids are sleeping on flours ,stacked on each other. Biden has caused a crises and don’t know what to do with it. He is destroying this country . Needs to be in a nursing home.

          1. Put him in one of the cages and Harris in another and all this demos with pelosi in another

        4. That’s because they are illegal aliens, not immigrants and we do not process illegal immigrants, we deport them.

          1. Bet you that if we eliminated them out on a old ship with enough fuel to go 600 miles then leave them there

        5. You don’t read much do you? Watch CNN for your news? PRESIDENT TRUMP had the boarder controlled!! NO STOLEN CHILDREN TRAFFICKED INTO THE UNITED STATES WHEN HE WAS WHERE HE SHOULD BE!!
          He put them on a plane and sent them back to thier PARENTS!!!
          BIDEN SAID THE BOARDER IS OPEN!! Can’t blame PRESIDENT TRUMP for that!! Do you have children? Would you care if they disappeared? Want to bet most of those children’s parents are back home worrying where they are!!! Especially Latinos they are family oriented!!

        6. Are you kidding me? those cages were built by obama and biden and now biden is using them….Trump’s policies were working . And now biden wants every state to take 1000 illegal aliens into each state?? That is pure madness then they will want each state to take more and more this is just madness.. biden’s policies are just creating more and more disruption on our border.I say again Trump’s policies were working…And Georgia making it so the election laws are going to be more fair the dems can’t have that!!! also we are NOT going to have a normal life until every person on the planet is

        7. yeah, sure, Take it to the Marines! He should have never accepted a position as important as the Presidency when he knew in his heart he is no shape, mental or physical, to do the job. He should have retired in dignity. Instead, he let himself be used by his cronies. But who pays for all his faux pa… the American people. Look at his political history…marred with flip flops over policy depending on who’s listening and who’s funding him. It’s a true travesty….
          And his “Circle Back” person is soooooooo annoying!

        8. Biden applied and won for the highest job of the land. Trump inherited Obama’s mess and immediately got to work on improving most of it. As for the immigrants, Trump’s job was not to facilitate housing for them as there is a proper process to come in thru the front door. But Biden decided to strike down what was working and now he has this mess of border issues. That’s not on Trump, that’s on Biden. Biden chose to immediately undo Trumps border safety of stopping wall construction, stopping Mexico to hold them while they are properly being processed. Even the immigrants state they are here because Biden asked them to be here. So this border mess is on Biden, Trump has nothing to do with it!

        9. You’re really living on another planet if you think this is Trumps fault. Actually its the fault of mentally challenged individuals like yourself who voted for a pedophile with dementia. Yes you voted for a number one crime family and didn’t care. Your vote says more about you than it does about Biden. This border crap was Obungholes star project. Where was your outrage then? You get the government you voted for. The sad thing is people like you deserve it but the rest of us don’t!

        10. You’ve been watching democrat news media. That’s why you have no clue about what’s real and what the media wants you to think. The journalists on CNN MSNBC NBC ABC CBS The Times Washington Post etc have no integrity! The have been leading you around by your ____.

        11. Not Bidens fault-are you nuts! Must be why you voted for him- thanks a lot-he has done more damage in the last 3 months to the Americans then an idiot.

        12. D. Richard Tonge. Are You Completely Out Of Your Mind? Nothing That He Has Done Since He Has Been In Office Was Trump’s Fault. You May Not Like That President Trump Was Rough Around The Edges But He Got Things Done. All Biden Has Done Is To Try And Undo All The Good Things That President Trump Did. Go Ahead And Confess That President Trump Was 10 Times Better President Than Lying Biden will Ever Be. No Debate, Just Facts!!

      2. Hoiw’s that slick. He is doing the job we hired him to do. Too bad you don’t like the outcome. You are the minotrity.

          1. Hey Keith … You are right, but you are SO wrong …. Dictator Joe is not destroying the country. I believe that he has ALREADY destroyed it. In his short 2 1/2 months he has hurt our nation so bad that it may not be salvageable. America may be close to becoming “toast”. If the Republicans don’t win a majority in the midterm elections … in both chambers of Congress … we may very well become known as Venezuela #2,

        1. Biden applied and won for the highest job of the land. Trump inherited Obama’s mess and immediately got to work on improving most of it. As for the immigrants, Trump’s job was not to facilitate housing for them as there is a proper process to come in thru the front door. But Biden decided to strike down what was working and now he has this mess of border issues. That’s not on Trump, that’s on Biden. Biden chose to immediately undo Trumps border safety of stopping wall construction, stopping Mexico to hold them while they are properly being processed. Even the immigrants state they are here because Biden asked them to be here. So this border mess is on Biden, Trump has nothing to do with it!

        2. Okay slick you hired him to think with his azz because whats left of his brain is mush. Nice going. Einstein!!

      3. You are so right. Democrats do not care about the American people. Democrat rioters make them proud. Illegal immigrants that do not have the right to vote but Democrats do whatever they want to do

      4. I agree, get Biden and Harris out of all government offices and out of our country! Force him to move to China so he can spend his Chinese bribe monies! An have him take Pelosi with him!

    2. You are so right the only thing is, is the damage this idiot can do until the 2022 election. That’s what worries me.

      1. No damage; just doing the job we elected him to do. Not you, however since you are the minority.

        1. Lol, the minority?? The 2020 election was fraudulent and anyone with a brain knows it. IF, you are one of the idiot who voted for the KING OF IDIOTS then I really hope you suffer the most with all he is doing to destroy this country.

        2. No. The majority did not vote for him . He is destroying this country. You will realize that before the democrats are through.

        3. I refuse to accept that we are the minority! Regardless of what happens now, history will surely prove that Biden, handled by Obama, Hillary and their gang, stole the 2020 Presidential election, and if you don’t see that, you are really blind!

          Donald Trump did not NEED the Presidency; he is an American patriot who made a lot of money and decided to give something back! Is he a thug? Maybe! Should he have thrown away his Tweet machine? Maybe….., except that when you have Pelosi and Company hatching plots and lying about everything you do and say, you try to find a way to beat them at the game, and that means you tweet your message to the American people who have a right to have an honest man in the WH! He never got any respect from people like you who would rather let Biden turn American into the next Communist China! Do you have children? Grandchildren? Nieces and Nephews? Do you care about the garbage they are being fed in the schools? That stuff doesn’t only hurt the families of the “minority”, it will get to your family as well. Do you care?

        4. You are thinking write, go to the border and take a dozen of them, you sound like real Father figure to this children. I can say that bIden is doing a hell of a job, wait when they turn on him, were are you going to send them, you sound as dense as Biden, you most likely elected him but he never won a jackcrab and is srewing the American way.

        5. Tonge, you’re so misinformed!! I guess you think the Biden Administration is doing a good job. If you think that, there’s no help for you!!

    3. It should have been done the first week he was in the white house, but I am hoping it happens now before he does even more damage.

    4. It should be a trial for treason, not just impeachment. Biden and his cabal of communists are allowing an invasion of our country by terrorists, illegal alien drug runners, human traffickers, murdering gangs, rapists, and diseased people, who are just let across our borders to invade our communities. We have been shut down because of the pandemic of covid – they say – then we allow hordes of invaders to come into our country. It is time to return all illegals to their own countries, and the children back to their parents or relatives in the US so they are not dependent on the government. Our military should be on our borders and the border wall finished. Any crime committed should go against Biden who has fostered and encouraged this invasion.

      1. Rosie, I agree with you 100%. In addition, it’s time for the military to take over the Country and soon declare new elections. I would like to have Trump as President, but if not, anyone who is an honorable man with an understanding of what the Government is there to do. Provide us with safety but little interference in our day-to-day lives.

      1. You are really stupid do you like $3.00 gas and if you want the illegals in this country so bad let them come live with you why don’t you send the money and take care of them why don’t you just move to Mexico or wherever they come from and we happy !! But Trump was the best President ever !!!

    5. After reading wall 89 comments, and having summarized the content, most are from very patriotic but concerned Americans who are very aware the 2020 election was stolen and are very upset with those Dems, media and anyone who voted for Biden. I want to add that I am also very upset with republicans who are the very ones who could have held the line,made the difference, but chose fraudently (they knew the election was stolen, they knew! ) to put fraudulent Biden and this fraudulent administration into America’s Presidency!!!!!They did this awful crime on America! pence gave a thumbs cup. to pelosi after he did this terrible deed
      followed by a fist bump as he and she were hurried out the door. !!! Many others agreed with them . So this was not the expectation we who supported, donated and voted for them held.
      Who donates and votes for someone who is going to vote for the opposition???? The Republicans did this to America. We knew what the Dems were going to do- bring back the O. Regime! They knew it too!!! So why did the R’s betray us!??? Don’t say it had to be ” by law!” They chose to plunge us I to this darkness!!!
      Bottom Line: the Republicans should correct their mistake and put back the President who actually and, for a fact ,WON!!!!The GOP stole the Election for the Dems!!!

      1. I agree with Anita! I am angry with the Republicans we put into office (some have been great!) but some have let us & Trump down…..& should pay for it! Let’s not re-elect them; they didn’t work for us!


      1. I never voted for Biden and I never will. Yes they stole President Trumps re election..I have never voted for a democrat and I never. Will. I was sixteen when I voted the first time ..I’m almost 70 years old.. now..Back then you only had 2 choices when you voted ..I voted for President Reagan..ov course, he was shot….in my opinion. We should go back to the way we voted back then 2 choices. And we didn’t complain about who won..we accepted who we had…you may Not agree with me, but life with politics were much easier..I also voted for Nixon..my husband was in Vietnam and it was Nixon who ended the war and sent our troops home..I was so glad that I didn’t have to worry about my husband getting killed in a war..thank you for reading this. I know it’s long.

    7. Yo Trump haters— If you fools voted for Joe Biden, you deserve EVERY Bad Thing that’s going to happen next. And baby, that’s A LOT. I personally vow to beat Biden voters SAVAGELY for the Next FOUR Years for the Mediocrity & Stupidity & Failure of your government. Your stupidity is DANGEROUS to our nation. You deserve No Respect. And you will get none.


      1. Hey Charlene, look at the first page of your Bible. At the bottom it has a “COPY RIGHT LAW STATEMENT” just like ALL BOOKS have that are written by HUMANS. I do believe that we did not come about by chance but our beliefs are as far off base as the Myans and the Aztec who sacrifice woman and children in the name of THEIR GOD and their whole civilization was behind it and supported it. I feel that IF the TRUTH did ever come out we would ALL BE SHOCKED….

          1. Oh really. In what way am I a fool and a hypocrite?? Please explain if you can…


      1. Holly Molly. If “GOD” is in charge of EVERYTHING as you say then “God” sure is doing a horrible job. I respect your beliefs but get with reality and realize we are on our own.

      2. You are so right Irene. The Lord is coming back, the events that are predicted in the Bible, are all happening, and He will be coming sooner than we think. All I can say is, those who are in office, plotting against this once great country of ours, better change their ways, because He won’t just over look what you have been doing to try to destroy, and take over this country that He has created for us to enjoy, He will hold you responsible for what you’ve done, and not give you a pat on the head, and say job well done. He will hold your feet to the fire, and say, NO MORE of this kind of EVIL doing! Won’t be to much longer now. B. ⚓😢⚓



  2. Lol, I just don’t understand how anyone can approve of this idiots handling of the border. The disapproval rating should be 100%.

    1. I agree; they had rot have hand picked the participants. 56% is a joke! His all around disapproval rating should be 100%. What else would you expect from a fraud?

    2. I think this site uses duplicitous headlines to entice readers.

      BIDEN has NOT collapsed. Support for his handling of the border crisis HAS.

    3. Biden’s poll ratings are half of what’s being printed. I participated in two polls yesterday by the RNC and neither would allow my ratings to be submitted. The left have gone too far, Joe isn’t a moderate Democrat. Lying Joe and Harris not as he ran on.

  3. This is what happens when an election is turned into a popularity contest! I hope everyone who actually voted for Biden are kicking themselves in the pants ,or,if not,I’ll be glad to do it for them!

  4. Hooray & naming MIA Harris doesnt help any.
    Run for office & cant lead
    Play games & think were stupid
    CU in 2022 races Bye

  5. Those that voted fir Buden I hope you are happy with yourselves. Hope you enjoy your life without freedom. You destroyed the country just to spite Trump. Idiots!!!
    Why is Biden still in office. You can plainly see he isnt able to hold the position any longer or from the beginning. What else has he got to do before he is taken out along with MIA Kamala.
    I am so tired of it all. Losing faith that Trump will return before 2024. We cant wait any longer. It will be past to late.
    God please forgive us for letting this beautiful country die.

  6. Whats wrong with the 24% of people who think Biden is doing a good job? He is a disaster is every way.

    1. I agree with you. HE NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN ELECTED AS president!
      And why is Obama telling him how to run the country he had his 8 years to screw everything up!!!

      1. He wasn’t elected. They stole the election. Things are starting to come out now about 2020 and there are a lot of fraudulent things coming to the surface. A day late and a dollar short and of course a lot of material destroyed already.

  7. Biden and Harris should have never been elected but they won because of fraud using every means available from mail in votes to rigged voting machines. Why do you think Dominion voting machines are suing because they have machines that were rigged for Biden. Biden destroying our country from the very first Executive Action which he has gone crazy using. He uses big tech, China, Iran to ruin America. The Immigration “crisis” is out of control and now they are using US Army bases? Well, doesn’t that make sense? Also sending stimulus check to illegals. This administration is doesn’t know how to govern…they want to destroy…lax on thugs, Antifa and militant BLM’s groups. This is NOT good for America. Biden and Harris are NOT good for America.

    1. Funny how the narrative is that Dominion is suing yet a case has yet to appear! Dominion is all hot air, trying to scare off anyone from the truth really being told.

  8. If something is not done soon, we won’t have to worry about the border or anything else. We won’t even have a country left. I simply cannot understand how so many people can be so blind and full of revenge against Trump. He had us on the right track and Biden voters blew it! But don’t forget all the voter fraud that went on

  9. Hope this idiots enjoy proverty, a third world government, dictatorship, control, and must obey or be punished. Notice that the commie dems don’t do anything to uplife people, only to keep them under a big boot.

  10. The constitution tells us that when government fails the people, the people have the right to REVOLT!
    Or say your prayers to Karl marx.

  11. wow! i have said this all along. democrats are trying to push every thing they can while they hold the majority in the senate and congress and a confused puppet in the white house holding the title of president. i believe they already conceded they will lose both houses in 2022

  12. Biden and Harris will never be impeached or removed by a democratic house and senate .
    We are screwed until 22 !
    God Bless the USA .

      1. This is the reason to never allow our citizens to be disarmed. They may one day need their weapons because they’ll be our last hope.

  13. We may not even have a country left by 2024 with Biden welcoming this Tsunami of illegal aliens in & re-joining all these world organizations designed to BANKRUPT THE COUNTRY & have NOTHING to show for the money when it’s they are finished. I blame the real idiots who were so lazy & ignorant that they voted for Biden without knowing what he said he would do when elected. They don’t deserve to have the Prosperity that Trump was bringing about in spite of the constant Lies that the Demo/communist party was spouting through their Propaganda stations that call themselves NEWS programs “what a sick joke”

    1. Too much watching of CNN by the woke crowd. Can’t wait to ditch my Apple phone and Amazon Prime! Anyone know of competitive options? Take these monopolies down!

  14. Biden did not win the election. I don’t give a damn what the Democrats want you to believe, there was clearly documented election fraud and it will be acknowledged at some point this year. Yes, I agree that those who voted for a brain dead corrupt politician clearly did so because they disliked Trump, BUT, I blame all the mainstream and social media platforms, who are run by the Clinton foundation, the Soro’s, et al “The Deep State Cabal” that are told what to report like a bunch of puppets (Biden being a puppet as well). So it’s a constant smear attack on President Trump. Most American’s are unaware of the corruption and are brain washed with the Liberal rhetoric. So they believe what is being constantly repeated over and over again. The Liberals like to take credit for all the work Trump did too. Pathetic.

  15. Donald J. Trump should run for the House in 2022. Winning and with a Republican House he could be the Speaker of the House. Then Binder and Harris will be impeached thus making Trump our President.

  16. Once you impeach biden an Harris you will then need to impeach Pelosi cause she’s 3rd in line for Presidency

  17. All I can say is keep it up JOE, OBAMA, NANCY CHUCKY, Etc. No Republican could have written a better script to put this country BACK on the road map drawn by the founding fathers. Just Praying these IDIOTS do no bring us to the point of no return. We need to put the MILITARY in CHARGE of Keeping the ELECTIONS HONEST and put all those commuting FRAUD in PRISON. It would help to use MILITARY law to judge all accusations of FRAUD..

  18. Biden is the worst president ever, even worse than obama who is a big racist pig and the ho of the vice president there is no words to describe. What a disgrace to the USA to have these kind of idiots in charge, the dems are a bunch of communist, they need to be taken out. If they like all these illegals, what needs to be done is put them in a bus and drop off 10 of ten to each of obama, biden, harris, chuck, nancy, water and all of these other a——–who live behind a guarded wall and have no problems, let them take care of all of these people, why do I have to pay for any of them, I’m a legal US Citizen and have had to work since age 16 my butt off to live here. Why do I need to pay for them getting everything free.

  19. D. Richard T.
    With your so-called “support” of China Joe Bibumb; possibly YOU should run for the POTUS position ??? You obviously know EVERYTHING; just like crazy Joe B.

  20. Everybody fell for the Biden “I’ll say anything to get elected’ bull spit. Trump fulfilled the lions share of his election promises, even with Democrats running interference, Biden has yet to fulfill just one

  21. A poor excuse for POTUS.
    Biden’s Legacy will be a sad commentary on a Civil Servant with 40+ years as a United States Senator.
    Did he not “learn anything” during that period in history? Sad.

  22. You don’t read much do you? Watch CNN for your news? PRESIDENT TRUMP had the boarder controlled!! NO STOLEN CHILDREN TRAFFICKED INTO THE UNITED STATES WHEN HE WAS WHERE HE SHOULD BE!!
    He put them on a plane and sent them back to thier PARENTS!!!
    BIDEN SAID THE BOARDER IS OPEN!! Can’t blame PRESIDENT TRUMP for that!! Do you have children? Would you care if they disappeared? Want to bet most of those children’s parents are back home worrying where they are!!! Especially Latinos they are family oriented!!

  23. Biden is just another democrat only the press even hid his defects that have been evident since he spoke at the Bork inquiry into becoming a Supreme Court Justice

  24. With any luck at all of with people waking up to the dems we could have our LAME DUCK presidency and congress soon. Even members of his own party are starting to turn against his policies

  25. Four years or even 2 years is too long! America needs Trump (or someone like him) right now! At this pace, the Biden administration will destroy our once great country in less than one year if all conservatives sit on their thumbs and do nothing!

  26. The democrats under the current leadership of their party are destroying the United States. We need a third party. Americans for America, consisting of Republicans and Democrats dedicated to saving our nation.

  27. I just hope we somehow can have a fair election, and we still have something left to save! It is frightening how dishonest BIDEN and his entire administration is. You may not have liked the way Trump did things, he is a brash New Yorker, and a lot of them are that way. But where we have REAL MAGA Governors in control, it is obvious that LIFE FOR AMERICANS IN TEXAS AND FLORIDA is much better than in New York or DC. We must stop the move to give DC statehood! It would make DC the MOST POWERFUL STATE IN THE UNION, WITH THE MOST GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, WHO WILL VOTE FOR MORE GOVERNMENT, WHICH MEANS THEY WOULD BE DEMS! Email your Congressional Rep and Senator to say NO TO STATEHOOD FOR DC OR PR!

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