POLL: More Americans Believe Country More Divided Under Biden

Joe Biden said he could unite the country and Congress.  

Well, we know he has failed regarding Congress, and now a new poll says he is failing the country as well.  

The latest ABC News/Ipsos poll revealed far more people believe that Biden has created more divide in the country.  

The Poll 

The poll was bad news for Joe Biden all the way around considering his unity platform.  

A full 48 percent have seen no movement at all regarding divisiveness in the country.  

When it comes to those that do see a difference, 28 percent stated there was “more divide” while only 23 percent see the country as “more united.” 

ABC News, rather than report the poll honestly, decided to twist it seven ways to Sunday to support Biden.  

The headline that ran with the poll read, “Country optimistic after Biden’s 1st 100 days: POLL” with the subtitle reading, “Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the country is headed in the right direction. 

Now, I think we can all agree that is pretty dishonest 

What makes matters worse is that the outlet further spun the poll to give Biden credit for this mysterious unity that does not really exist. 

Just how bad was the data twisted? Well, check out the tweet below that shows the actual data and the spin by ABC… 

Notice the bottom portion of the tweet where the small percentage of people that believe the country is more united rather than covering the larger percentage with an overwhelming majority that BLAME Biden for the division.  

Biden is tanking, and just about every number in existence supports that premise.  

We can also point to the nosedive in viewership for Biden’s congressional address last week, a speech that had a 44 percent decline from Trump’s address in 2017. 

The media will continue to cover for Biden, but the American people seem to finally be waking up to this fraud.  

Source: Breitbart 

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62 Responses

  1. He lied if my friends could vote again, lol because now they know they were played, who is really in charge we know it is not joe.

    1. It seems that if someone was duly elected into office, he/she should legally be responsible for following that platform. Understanding that reality sometimes requires that changes be made, it would not cover all aspects of the platform. If legally responsible and it’s easily shown — without being tangled in the seemingly useless court system — that there was significant deviation from stated intent, then there should be a way in which the person can be removed from office.

    1. Agreed. Give the all the boot, and declare Donald Trump as the rightful POTUS, and let him get back to work making America great again. What do you expect when you have a party who resorted to fraud, to win an election?

      1. Impeachment only agrees that there’s a case that can be heard by the court, it doesn’t mean the person is ousted, as I’m sure you all know. So it seems there needs to be another way to be able to enable the citizens to oust someone who does not follow his platform once in office. Not sure how that process would unfold but there should be something where citizens can remove someone who lies or puts the nation in danger as is happening now.

      2. Agree with you 100%. It sickens me and my friends when we watch our country being destroyed. Wonder if all the multi-millionaire politicians are included in the 1% to pay their “fair share” in taxes? Or have they used the “system” to hide their money such as setting up “foundations? All he does is attack businesses that generate jobs.

        No one can ever say, President Trump was in this for the money, he never took a paycheck for 4 years but instead donated it. Guess I can go on and on.

        1. we both could go on and on and on. Why bother when those that have nothing to gain by the Country doing better then. they are a lots cause.

    2. Joe is an Alzheimer’s patient, being pushed by his abusive wife/caregiver (?) and her cohorts.

      1. nancy piglosi is runnning our country with the help of obama.right on tv now long ago joe biden was sitting at a table talking with nancy pelosi .she was on a large screen.joe biden said to her what do you want me to do next nancy?so there is your answer. harris is meeting with foreign leaders?isnt that strange?they all need to be impeached.biden statement is america last?he is in the basement more than ever.has his cocoa and goes to bed at 7pm.thats our president. who are these demorats kidding.and the media plays along. covering up everything biden says or does.they all should be ashamed of themselves.there all destroying our country.there is no more journlists.its all a coverup and there all getting paid by someone who hates president trump.why because he doesnt have any part of what thee doing.trump is draining the swamp.trump is for the people and united states of america. am e r ic a fi r s t god bless you president donald j trump.

    3. Yes Steve that’s the best idea I’ve heard all year. Let’s turn the country back over to the rightful president so he can Make America Great Again.

      1. I’m really, REALLY hoping that the AZ audit will show the truth. Its an uphill battle, though as “they” are coming from all angles to kill it, dispute manner of investigating, etc. It’s exhausting, waiting.
        And, when the truth is scientifically and absolutely found and told to the world, will blm and antifa burn down Phoenix?

        1. Oh, you know black lives matter more/antifa would try and burn down Phoenix. But I don’t think the folks out there would allow it. Black lives matter more is a terrorist organization, being made wealthy by communist corporations who are in cahoots with our communist government to overtake our country. Someone should have the gumption to sue that terrorist group for every illicit penny they have.

    4. and Schumer, get rid of the radicals leading this government, most of all get ahold of Obama and George Soros , his family and companies. Get rid of them now.

    5. Steven,
      n my eighty five years I have never seen a President act as irresponsible as he has.
      In his inaugural address he wanted to unite the country Ala Roosevelt, buthe has divided the country even more so than it was before. What the Democrats DO NOT realize is that the rest of the world is laughing at them. The Democrats are pushing
      such idiotic wishes on us that have more holes in it than Swiss Cheese.

    6. Put the three of them in the middle of the border crises and bring Schumer along too… Wrap them in the aluminum blankets and put them in the middle of a sun drenched holding area…

  2. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    The medias and the polls that state that Biden is doing a good job are all lying about everything. You can’t believe them on any thing. As I have stated many times before , Joe Biden needs to be impeached and “NOW”


    1. We don’t listen because we know better. Everyone else listens and follows because that’s all they can read and hear and they don’t know better. One has to get rid of the msm and, somehow, get back to when the news was just that and not a bunch of editorials.

  4. I’ve seen polls in the last three weeks that show 80 – 85% of Americans are against Biden, Harris and their regime. More sites are popping up every day in emails, YouTube and messaging asking people to express their opinions of the election results, the treatment of Trump and the border situation. You know the Biden clan has to know what Americans think. The walls have ears!

    1. The poll I seen said at least 85% of the country are Trump supporters. I live in a southern state and I travel throughout the southeast and can promise you it’s more like 95% here. In fact, a sheriff in Florida recently advised all people moving to Florida from a blue state to leave there politics at home. I bet he’s a damn good sheriff the country needs more like him.

    2. Just hoping it gets louder and louder until something has to be done, all the while toning down/educating the others so there’s no civil disobedience.

  5. Hey you news media stop your lying, you and most Americans know the whole DemoRATS are nothing bur crooks, liars and cheaters! Get real, people hate them. They will not answer when asked a question!

  6. History is repeating itself if you don’t believe me just see what Hitler did to the people of the world. It began the same way our present-day is playing out. Joe Biden will soon be the most hated person in America next to Nancy Pelosi. America is waking up and seeing the fraud that has been sold to them. Communism in our government I never thought I would see the day in my lifetime. America is unrecognizable and has no values anymore. We need to keep God in our country or All Is Lost. God’s will be done.

    1. the most hated person in our country right now is pelosi and maxine waters.then biden and harris.we need trump now. these demorats are destroying everything we believe in america.joe biden isnt the president? its these hateful people who are running our country that is piglosi,obama and harris.god help us before its toolate for us.we want trump now.

    2. Awesome.
      Yes, the deeps and bid had a handy book to go by, don’t they, and they’re clearly using it.
      Side question, wondering if the kids today still believe that the Holocaust never happened.
      Blessings, everyone.

  7. The is absolutely no unity coming from this 46th Pres; rather he is creating such division and angst among families and communities. Bringing in an onslaught of super spreaders to communities which so desperately needed to get back to normal for their sanity and financial survival. Question is – why so much hate for the American people.
    Was COVID real and if so; why are Americans expected to accept what otherwise would be super spreaders ?
    Please start reporting accurately – quit jiggering surveys

    1. They’re intending to divide us and create hatred. We’re then distracted while they go on their way to create economic collapse, chaos, fear. They get us to line up for jabs without thinking it through, stay at home for over a year, masks, all to control us and not allow us to intermingle and create herd immunity.
      It’s all in agen da 2*1, the plan.

  8. I can never be a traitor and I don’t know how anyone could ever be a traitor to their country. We are surrounded by traitors if you didn’t know that already. All the media all of the big Tech social media and now our government in every Branch including the FBI and doj. Where does it end. How can they all sell us out where is there patriotic duty to Country. How can they stab us all in the back. Regardless of your color or Creed no matter where you come from if you are American you know we are all in this together. And there’s only one evil in the world that rips us from our dreams and right now it’s the Democratic Party powered by Joe Biden Nancy Pelosi Kamala Harris Chuck Schumer. These are the the names we know and know well because these are the ones who are working to ruin America for our children. Our freedom of speech is being taken from us and our Second Amendment right to protect ourselves will soon be taken as well. The American Spirit lives within all Americans. This is what unites us and it always will. If We don’t defend Freedom every life that fought for our freedom will have died in vain. God’s Will will be done

    1. James that’s a very heart felt statement that any true constitution defending patriotic American would agree with.

  9. How long does this debacle have to play out? The man and his team are failing the American people! We are all having to sit and watch his daily kabuki theatre while the world watches and relishes our failure. All because Democrats stole the election! When are they going to be held accountable? We can’t take more years of this nonsense – the Biden puppet needs to go! And, every Democrat that has perpetuated the lies and propped up the failures (illegal border crossings), child endangerment, people in cages, sleeping on floors. Are they being fed properly, have access to showers, what do they do all day every day? Harris won’t even go down there because she wants to be able to say she had nothing to do with the debacle! This is not the America I know and love. And, it is all due to the shadow puppet behind the Biden throne – Obama and his minions. Shameful that this can even happen in our country! And criminal, as well. Impeachment is a foregone conclusion….

  10. How can it be legal for someone like MSNBC to say there need to be drone strikes on Trump supporters. Those are fighting words and we need our representatives to do our fighting now dammit

  11. I agree with Steve Wilson – Impeach Biden, Harris and Pelosi – What the hell are we waiting for?

    It is so hard to see this once wonderful country going down hill so rapidly. I read all this with tears in my eyes.

    1. Not sure how impeachment against the Dem deplorables would be initiated Cuz according to our Constitution, Legislative Branch, the House of Representatives have the sole Power of Impeachment. And they (Dems) presently have control. Someone out there know more & wish to share? Thanks!!

  12. I want President Donald J Trump to serve as President – in fact, he should be serving now!! Unfortunately, members of the Supreme Court, the Senate and the House of Representatives were Derelict in their Duty to ensure only legitimate votes were counted. We The People need to elect those who love and have clear allegiance to the USA. In fact, we should rise up and demand the perpetrators of fraudulent practices in the 2020 General Election be charged and prosecuted for their criminal conduct. Unfortunately, I do not have available or unlimited funds to contribute!!Just make sure you stand firmly with President Donald J Trump, for the Constitution and what is right for We The People of the United States of America. If you do, I am confident the huge Silent Majority will elect/retain you to represent them. DO IT!!!


  14. China is having a “PARTY” ! Slow and NOT IN TOUCH WITH REALITY! China will have NO TROUBLE TAKING TAIWAN. President Biden”s BACKBONE IS MISSING! The only thing on his plate is COVID and that is being Quoted to him. He stammers around incoherently sometimes. Pelosi,Schumer and Waters are in Charge. Even Vice President Harris is being Dictated to by the above group. She was nearly in LAST PLACE when there was a debate for the Democratic Nominee, only reason she was picked was PURELY RACE. Again, namely if something happens to President Biden: She wil be the First African American Woman President! What a FARCE THE LAST ELECTION WAS.

    1. since the demorats are in power.the only ones that could help us are manchini kristen from arizona and mark kelly.there demcrats and there are some democracts dont like what bidens adminasration is doing to our country. there the ones that can help us right now because they dont help there going down with us just like venaswella.what ever happened to mr.durham?him and barr were just as bad as the demorats. thats why they hate trump he was the number one to drain this swamp/?there all getting paid from someone in our great country.its a dam shame what bidens adminastration is doing to all of us. the media is another waste.media you cann see what you want about trump nobody listens to you anymore.remember what biden is doing to our county.you too media are coming down with us.this is america stand up and make our country america first again.trump in 2024.

  15. Agree with all posts! We must vacate the speaker’s chair, kick Piglosi out of congress, put in a conservative Republican speaker and impeach Biden, Harris and the entire Biden cabinet. They are all old Obama cabinet members. Obama is running this sh!t show! This is HAiS third term! Impeach HIM for treason. If they can impeach trump when he was out of office, they set a prescedent where Obama can be impeached.

  16. Just as Bill Gates’s wife is divorcing him, the American people ar going to divorce the media since they all have something in common.

  17. The media is the primary reason for the division. Its been their theme for several years now. They are the enemy of the people, as Trump said. Joe is making it worse and the media are now the propaganda arm of government. This is the same thing that occurred in NAZI Germany, Communist Russia and China. Venezuela, Cuba also come to mind. Notice none of these places have vibrant economies or freedom. China is only a power because we made them so.

  18. Never in history has any President screwed up more just in the first 100 days than Biden. He has no idea what he is doing and whoever is pulling his strings is doing everything they can to make the most money while he is in office. They have to know what is going to happen in 2022. Americans are going to vote out almost every Dem they can and Republicans are going to retake the House and the Senate. That will put the brakes on most of the stupid things Biden has done and start correcting all the damage. Hopefully in 2024 Trump or some other Republican will become President and reverse all the trash Biden and his morons have done, then expose them all putting a lot of them in jail.

  19. Seeds were laid Years ago then Trump reveled them during his campaign & run for office & 1st term. & Biden only widened the Divide

  20. When YOU lie, cheat, steal , have dimensia, Have no clue , Live in a non real idealology of your own political world you see anything you want to see , you can manipulate, change, cheat , lie to all your constituites who are lied to by the media and the crime syndicate you live in . then you see we are united

    the truth is we are only as america united and that is going out the door fast with every attempt to destroy america biden does and his band of crime familys who are at the white house prison , locked in due to fear of retrobution from all the crime they commit.

    we as america are further than ever from unit than ever before,

    every atempt this idiot and his real crew of thieves, criminals and cheaters is an atempt to destroy values ,

    the real unit in america is those who are loyal, patriotic, care about america . the rest live in delusion

  21. Where are the patriots? Who is blocking the justice system? Where is the military? We’re being invaded and hijacked!

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