POLL: Majority of Americans Unhappy with Handling of Border Crisis Under Biden

Joe Biden continues to lose the faith of the American people regarding the horrific situation at the border.  

In the latest Quinnipiac University poll, 55 percent of those surveyed said that they disapprove of Joe Biden’s handling of the border situation.  

A mere 29 percent are okay with what is going on, with 15 percent having no opinion.  

Bad Numbers for Joe 

Of the two major challenges facing this country right now, the border crisis is 100 percent of Joe’s own making.  

He can say what he wants and blame Trump, but the majority of Americans know it was Biden and the Democrat Party rhetoric that led to this massive surge.  

The deception and lack of transparency regarding what is happening is now starting to take a toll on Biden’s approval ratings.  

Remember all those Republicans that voted for Joe Biden? Well, none of them are liking this at all, as nine out of 10 of them are giving Joe the thumbs down regarding the border.  

Additionally, it is worth noting that 55 percent of the Hispanics surveyed about the border are unhappy, with only 27 percent supporting Biden on this front.  

Biden’s overall approval rating also continues to slip, now standing at 48 percent in this survey.  

As we predicted, buyer’s remorse seems as though it is starting to settle in and take its toll on Joe’s overall numbers.  

Source: Fox News 

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44 Responses

  1. Joe Biden should have a rating of -100% for Failure as that is what he is and always was and will be — a big fat Failure!!!

    1. Sorry Biden but the border disaster is just one of many failures you and your illegitimate Administration have done. You are a POS and I just hope you die in the VERY NEAR FUTURE.

      1. He just might die soon. Look at his physical condition, and his dementia. That POS is on his way out. What about Harris? She is as corrupt as hell!

    2. Amen!!! Why do people think he would be a success as a president when he has FAILED for 45 years???

    3. No! Joe and the Ho should be arrested, tried, convicted and executed for treason and espionage for the criminal coup they pulled off in the 2020 election. Along with about 200,000 other dems, rino’s and communist leftists..

    4. Yep. He’s proven that working under and over Obuma. Harris 🤡 can’t even sow her face at the Border Amazing our Politicians act and lie since Hilary and Obama have been exposed to all their corruption and their jokester comrades ain’t that what the Communist leaders call the partners in deception. Ole joe 🤥 and Kamala 👽

  2. And the Xiden disaster is just getting started. Hopefully with Biden a lame duck next year, the Republican-led Congress can start straightening it all out.

    1. We need the Republicans to win big next election so we don’t have PIGLOSI waiting in line when Kammelhead takes over for Joe when he crashes and burns and it does not look like that will be too much longer!

  3. The situation America is now in is the fault of three Justices. MI, WI, GA & Penn changed the rules for election of Electors in an unconstitutional manner. These votes should not have counted, but they were. Justices Alito and Thomas wanted to hear arguments on Art II Sec 1 of the Constitution and Barrett, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh joined Roberts and the four liberals. The three Trump Justices stabbed President Trump in the back. Hamilton in Federalist 78 said Justices would be taken from successful practicing lawyers. Justices are professors and Federal employees mostly that have never met a payroll. The plain language of the Constitution requires State Legislatures to make the rules for election of Electors. You could pick at random nine lawyers from the Yellow Pages and have a Sp Ct that would follow the Constitution.

    1. He is a big joke and he has made our country a laughing stock in world standings. What a pathetic piece of waste he has turned out to be….he could have made a difference for the good of the country and its people instead he is just a hated public debris who will have a legacy smells putrid.

      1. Hmm…. Don’t Blame Me; I Voted for TRUMP; Never have voted for Joe or Harris‼️

        GOD Help America because THEY ARE NOT‼️‼️ 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. He does not care about his ratings as long as he can ram his agenda down our throats and profit from his exploitation of the citizenry. He has his 4 years to collect all the bribes and kickbacks.

  5. What has happen to the Impeachment China Joe Biden, I thought that’s the plan?? From this new Congress Lady Major oh what is her full name?? Any when will it happen, please soon thank you

  6. He has made the USA a laughingstock in the world. He destroyed ALL THE GOOD THAT TRUMP DID. He is a hateful, mentally impaired individual who should never be president!
    He is ruining this country!

  7. Ben Franklin said it best… “We have a republic. If you can keep it.” You get the government you deserve. For the last 40 years voters have been re-electing liars, cheaters & abusers of power. We’ve allowed Corporations to donate to political parties to influence policy. Remember folks, Corporations are narcissistic sociopaths by their very nature. They are governed by pure self-interest! The morally bankrupt pair in the White House should NEVER have been there. They WERN’T elected by the PEOPLE. We have been ROBBED by the very people who were supposed to be looking out for OUR interests. Not their own! As far as I can see; our only recourse is to vote EVERY incumbent out! No more ‘professional politicians’! Been banging this drum for 40 years to anyone who would listen… & to some who wouldn’t. It is long past time for term limits for EVERY office in government! Two terms PERIOD. Regardless of the office.

    1. I have been saying we need term limits for quite awhile. They should only be there for two terms, just like the President. We the people will have to demand it, I will not vote for anyone that has been there more than two terms!

  8. Anyone with an ounce of brains should not be happy with the way Biden is handeling the border. He has made such a mess of a once controlled situation that he should be hanged. He (or those behind the puppet curtain) should be kicked out of the country

  9. I wish all three of them get impeached – Sleepy Joe, Kammelhead and Piglosick!
    It would be a great American triumph if that happens.
    Sick and tired of what they are doing for our beautiful country. They are trashing it.

  10. POLE?? Is this BS or what? 55% My A%^. Hell he didnt get those votes in Nov. Maybe 40% Legal. I checked registered LEGAL voters in the US for Nov 4th. It was 136Million. The BS Liberal Media even said Trump got 75 to 80 Million. So where does that put the Biden Regime?? 61 Million???? Yes folks were under Siege. No wonder these Priks built a Wall around OUR Capitol. And put OUR Military and First Responders at Risk For WHO? This Regime that is taking WE THE PEOPLES Country to Hell? Im asking our Military to Do something about this BS. The Biden Regime is Totally against OUR CONSTITUTION that Our First Responders and Military are SWORN By Oath to Protect. Obviously our POLTICIONS cant do or wont do anything about this. We need action before our beloved Country is torn apart or worse attacked. Stand your Post Stand your Ground.

    Trump 2020

  11. I think we can all agree, that the VERY WORST leaders in our government are Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Nancy Pelosi! They should be gone IMMEDIATELY! Next, we need to clean out our crooked FBI and CIA’s and even our Supreme Court! Brennan and Clapper should be gone…yesterday, as well as Wray! Comey should already be in prison! Roberts should never have become the Chief Justice because he’s crooked to the bone and his bias is overwhelming! He even rewrote Obama’s health care plan for him! Clarence Thomas should replace Roberts because he is the most trustworthy of ALL of them! BTW, I can almost guarantee that Democrats are wanting to increase the number on the Supreme Court, in order to get Obama on there. GOD FORBID!! Truthfully, we need to comb through our government with a fine toothed comb and throw out half of them! Far too many of them are in office to serve themselves….Not the American people!

  12. Biden is all shoot from the hip with no thought EXCEPT to keep his donors. It is shameful that he is in office showing how inept, incapable, ridiculously evil and stupid he is, yet strutting around like he is the champ the office of Presidency requires. We all know he obtained everything he has by lying, cheating — even his present wife. Surely, in the office of Presidency, everyone will soon realize what he is (along with our bought and sold media) — way beyond corrupt. Also plain to see is that harris will do nothing except what will ruin America. Even obama stated what he thinks of lowlife biden, a total screwup. Worldwide we are being tested and biden found totally unable to deal with any of it. He has made completely plain to the world he is bought and just name the price. He stole the election and now — too late to have a fair Presidential election — good people who desire to keep the America we have loved are trying to change the corrupt voting practices the Dems put into place so joe could fill the office. Evil has all but taken America and it is obvious that they are nothing but hate America, selfishly blinded by their own evil.

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