POLL: Majority of San Francisco Bay Area Residents Plan to Leave Area

Over the last few years, California has seen a mass exodus to Texas and Florida.

According to the most recent San Francisco Gate poll, the majority of residents in the San Francisco Bay area are still unhappy.

Could this possibly spell the end to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) or even a power shift in the state over to the Republican Party?

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The poll, which surveyed 1,610 voters in the area, found a whopping 56 percent plan to leave the area in the next few years.

A massive 71 percent stated that the quality of life in the area is now worse than it was just five years ago.

Many of these people are leaving even though they cited strong ties to the area.

I have a better idea than leaving, however.

Vote out Democrats and put people in charge that will make change for the better.

These people complaining is akin to any conservative that voted for Joe Biden now railing about how horrible his presidency is.

Californians had their chance to get rid of Governor Gavin Newsom, yet 61.9 percent voted that he should not be replaced in the recall election.

Pelosi, who runs the 12th District, which is a massive chunk of San Francisco, has been in office for more than three decades!

If there is anyone to blame for the area’s degradation, it is Pelosi, yet the people of her District continue to go to the polls like zombies and vote her into office.

Why should these people uproot their entire lives when they can send a shockwave through the party by not only removing Democrats from power, but also removing someone like Pelosi from office.

Until then, sorry, California, but you do not get to complain.

And do not come to Texas and Florida to vote in more Democrats.

We prefer to keep our states just the way they are, not have them destroyed by the same liberal nonsense that has completely and utterly destroyed California.

Source: SF Gate Poll & Breitbart

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16 Responses

    1. My family left 20 years ago, we saw what the liberal state was doing to the California dream. We just couldn’t afford to live there, did not feel safe for me or for my children. So sad to see the areas that I grew up in have literally gone to crap.

      1. That would be hard to do, with many idiots voting “Democrap” plus all the people who have been dead for decades voting that way and all the ballots that were altered or lost the Republicans have a rough time winning.

  1. Just goes to show that the people’s voice has no sway with Pelosi…she couldn’t care less!!
    …The stupid people will believe her rhectoric until they are run over by a mac truck.

    1. Wish we could, they have already destroyed Austin, with Houston, Dallas, El Paso and San Antonio following. Instead of being a strong RED state, we are leaning towards PURPLE, hope it reverts back to a strong RED for the future. Devastation along our southern border to our small towns and rural farmers, not to mentioned the disrespect we feel to our Border patrol with this administration. Those 70,000 people (don’t even know what to call them anymore) headed our way is like watching a hurricane coming in and we the people do not have the leadership in govt to stop it.

  2. If the IDIOTIC, MORON, liberals and the smart Conservatives had any sense at all they all would be leaving California before it bu8rns completely down and then quakes into the ocean.

  3. What we saw in their so-called “recall election” was more RAMPANT AND WIDESPREAD CHEATING ALL OVER AGAIN! How many people did we hear about that went to vote and were told they had “already voted”, just like the 2020 prez election? The other problem here is that when all the people with half a brain leave there will be nothing left but diehard Demoncrats, so any and all Dem candidates will slide right in without opposition. We could maybe fence off California to keep the radical leftists in. I suppose setting it on fire might be too much, although it would clean up Grammy Nan and Hound-Face Maxine’s DISGUSTING MESS.

  4. Voting dems out is not the answer. Clean, fair voting IS THE ANSWER. If this is fixed by 2022, you will find dems unseated in CA and other states, and Newsom will be unsuccessful in maintaing his seat the next time around.

  5. Don’t wait, leave as soon as you can. Not getting any better here. I’m in So Cal and we’re thinking about going to Texas but it’s still somewhat bearable here. If you own real estate in San Fran get rid of it-prices are still somewhat high w/multiple offers-take the money and run like heck!!

  6. Oh HECK NO! Keep you dumb Demo “DONKEY REARS” in your crappy city/state that your politics built!!!

    Do not leave to screw up our great Red states/cities


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