POLL: Marco Rubio Now Trails Val Demings

Governor DeSantis, we have a problem.

You need to start getting your people out there and supporting Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL).

Now that he is passed the primary, we have little choice but to support him for fear of Democrats getting control of the Senate.

This seat was supposed to be a lock, yet there is Little Marco, now trailing Democrat Val Demings by four points.

We CANNOT Lose This Seat

The Senate is already going to be tough to win without PA, GA, and AZ.

We hoped to take all three of those, but weak candidates are ruining the party.

Florida was already penciled in, but Rubio has puked up his lead and Demings is starting to sprint away.

In recent polling, Demings is up to 48 percent, with Rubio down to 44 percent.

As recently as May, Rubio was up by six points.

That lead continued in subsequent polling, sometimes with Rubio up double digits.

In all polling since July 26, Rubio was dead even, with the North Florida poll now having him behind.

Without Florida, we can absolutely kiss the Senate goodbye.

Is this just a few outliers or is this the trend?

Did Rubio really swing from 11 points up to four points down in one month?

Regardless, some boots better start to hit the ground in FLA if we are going to help Little Marco keep that seat.

Source: The Hill

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Arkansans are fired up for this campaign and ready for the strong conservative leadership I will bring as governor, working to take our state to the top. Thank you Cabot for the overwhelming support!

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