POLL: Trump Leads Biden in Pivotal Battleground States

Buyer’s remorse is running rampant in just about every state that Biden “flipped” during the 2020 election.

Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia all went to Biden in 2020 after falling for Trump in 2016.

Well, Joe, the news is not so good this time around.

Trump Seeing What He Needs

I have long maintained that barring legal problems, Trump will probably run again in 2024.

I have also stated that he should let polling dictate his move and only run if he is positive he can win back support in battleground states.

While it is still very early, the numbers coming in are great news for Trump and his supporters.

Trump now has a double-digit lead over Biden in Michigan (12) and Wisconsin (10) while enjoying a comfortable lead in Pennsylvania (6) and Arizona (8).

While still leading in Georgia, the margin there is only three points, so there is clearly still work to do in that state.

Regardless, things are starting to flip back in Trump’s direction, so it is almost imminent that he will run at this point.

Source: Daily Caller

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My heart goes out to the students of Oxford High School in Michigan.

Heartbroken at the lives taken from us, and I am praying for all those affected by this horrible tragedy.

Biden’s foreign policy puts terrorists first:

*He gave Afghanistan to the Taliban.

*He’s working to lift sanctions on terrorist-funding Iran.

*Today, he legitimatized the Marxist terrorist group FARC by removing them from the list of terrorist organizations.

Biden won’t take responsibility for Afghanistan, for the border, for inflation, or for gas prices.

In Biden’s mind, the buck stops with everyone but him.

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