Polls Sending GOP a Message

There was a point not so long ago when the GOP held almost a double-digit lead in generic polling, which is no longer the case.

In fact, it is Democrats holding a four-point lead right now.

There is a message there and it is one we better listen to.

Figure It Out

We figured there would be an abortion hit, but this goes well beyond that.

People have to choose between food and gasoline, yet they are suddenly rallying behind the party that put them in this place?

There is a solution, but people may not like what I am about to say.

The polls started going backward after extreme abortion legislation was implemented in many southern states.

Trump has also upped the rhetoric regarding the outcome of the 2020 election.

Perhaps the voting public is sick and tired of hearing about 2020.

Additionally, the overwhelming majority of Americans support abortion, albeit with restrictions.

There is a middle ground.

I don’t think we will ever get there, but if the GOP becomes the party willing to negotiate, it can flip this script.

Put legislation in place that mimics the Hyde Amendment and it could be a huge win for the GOP.

Again, I know it will not make everyone happy, but it would be considered a win in protecting the unborn considering the alternative of Roe v. Wade being codified and Dems putting unrestricted abortion laws on the books.

You can read more about this report in the Daily Caller.

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15 Responses

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  3. Yes there are a lot of stupid people in the US, but I have faith polls are to mess with peoples minds and there certainly not a majority of these people to vote for the Democrats again unless they want to be ruled by China or Russia or both

    1. Drunk Mitch McConnell needs to be voted out or forced to retire. He is compromised and doesn’t give a damn about the Republican party.

  4. I will HAVE to SEE it to BELIEVE it, that the numbers FAVOR DEMWITTS, only in CA, West Coast, NY, PA, WI, and a few others . But if we do not take the country BACK from the DEMWITTS, then we WILL NOT MOST LIKELY SEE 2028. Makes me glad I am 76 and won’t be around to see THE END!

  5. I think when push comes to shove, when people go to the voting booth or send in their ballot they will realize that the dems are bad for our country and will vote for Republicans. I pray that common sense will prevail,

  6. Trump won. You will never convince me that Joe Biden got more votes than Obama. Okay, subject closed. Now, moving forward… Until Trump makes ALL AMERICANS feel like they are going to benefit from his plans for America he will remain unbalanced in his quest for a 2nd term. He has caused a lot of division in America. He needs to bring us together, in the same boat, rowing in the same direction. Somehow I don’t envision him doing that.

    1. The only way to bring the majority together is to end mainstreet media shilling for the dems & globalists. They are the problem. Lies about Trump 24/7.

  7. Any American that votes for these Traitor’s democratic rinos, are just as guilty of Treason as this vile administration congress judges, that are out to destroy America, make us a third world country, so they can force their one world order not one democratic should win anything but a pink slip

  8. The America Democrat voter is not sane.They are aiding and abiding the most criminal syndicate in the country.If they think this is going to good for them,then they insane for sure.Democrats sure have managed to dumb down a good portion of America in the school system run by Communists since the 50’s

  9. Were the polls conducted in China or Ukraine?
    I can’t believe anyone is seriously happy with the way our country is heading.

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