Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Tells Protesters to Stay Away

Slowly but surely, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is starting to see the light.

He may never agree with Trump, but the frustration of having his city on fire is clearly starting to get to him.

Now, Wheeler is urging those traveling to Portland for the sole purpose of protesting to stay away as well as urging the prosecution of rioters.


Wheeler, over the last three months, has maintained that the protests in his city are mostly peaceful.

That has changed a bit since rioters forced him out of his own house.

While Wheeler continues to openly spar with Trump on social media, he is now also turning against the protests in Portland and trying to put on a more “law and order” stance.

Wheeler stated, “If people are planning on coming here to commit acts of violence or seek retribution…I would encourage them to help deescalate the situation and stay away.”

On keeping protesters and anti-protesters separated to quell violence, he stated, “We are working with both our local law enforcement partners and state law enforcement partners.

“We will keep separation as much as we’re able to keep separation and if people are engaged in criminal activity we’ll do our level best to hold them accountable — either on the spot if it’s safe to do so or later on through our investigative resources.”

Finally, on those breaking the law not currently being held, he stated, “It doesn’t sit well, that the police make an arrest, somebody’s processed in the jails, they’re not held in, they’re right back on the streets.”

Like I said, while we should not expect him to agree with Trump anytime soon, it is pretty clear Democrats are making a massive pivot to try to lure back the voters they lost during the last three months over this violence in American streets.

You can read the full report on KOIN.

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