Post-Debate Focus Groups Immediately Favor Trump Over Biden

Somehow, there were some pundits out there that thought Biden had a great showing, but that was far from what focus groups said immediately after the debate.

Looking over the results from a wide variety of groups, the overall winner was clearly Donald Trump.

Now the question is whether or not this performance will have a big enough impact to influence the race or not.

The Feedback

Numerous outlets had bipartisan focus groups, including panels with undecided voters, watching the debate last night.

While it was not all good news for Trump, he got far more good feedback than bad from these groups.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, really took it on the chin.

Some of the words used to describe Biden were “vague,” “unspecific,” and “elusive,” not exactly what a candidate touting transparently would be hoping to hear.

Here is some of the feedback from an LA Times focus group

You can see the full session in the video below…

Fox News had a similar panel, with only two voting in favor of Biden and one undecided.

Biden Down?

Trump landed some real haymakers in the debate whereas Joe Bide did not really have any memorable moments.

There is also the fact that just about everything that came out of Biden’s mouth was a lie.

As you are reading this, fact-checkers are working overtime locating video clips of what Biden has previously said, allowing him to disprove his own statements with his own words.

We are going to keep our eyes on the latest polls and feedback all day to see just how much of an impact all this will have on the presidential race.

Source: Breitbart

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