Fox News Power Rankings Deliver Bad News for Republicans

Fox News has posted the latest projections for the House in the 2022 elections.

Sadly, the GOP lead is starting to go in the wrong direction.

I am not ringing the panic button in terms of the Dems being able to hold the House.

However, there is some reason for concern here.

Wrong Way

The problem as I see it is that far too many people are buying into Biden’s narrative that things are okay.

People are so thrilled that some prices have come down that they seem to forget they are still paying about 50 percent more for most items, and more than 100 percent more for others than they were when Biden took office.

Most media outlets have allowed Democrats to push a positive narrative rather than being truthful about the economic struggles many people have in this country.

For that reason, the GOP edge in this House is about half of what we thought it would be during this cycle.

Per Fox News’ projections, Republicans have a solid hold on 216 seats and Democrats have a hold on 189 seats.

Now, only 218 seats are needed for the majority, so Republicans clearly have the advantage unless they lose the remaining 30 seats that Fox News says are up for grabs.

That will not happen, but the majority of roughly three dozen seats we were hoping for now seems to be a pipe dream.

Realistically, we will probably hold an edge of about a dozen seats, possibly more if we can pull off a few upsets.

The problem is that Republicans keep shooting themselves in the foot with preventable mistakes.

Look no further than Senator Graham making the boneheaded move of introducing abortion legislation on the same day as inflation reports came out.

This is no time for grandstanding or introducing legislation that has no chance of passing with Democrats in control.

Let’s wait until after the mid-term elections when we can actually do something.

You can read the full projections on Fox News.

Source: Fox News

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Biden promised to build an economy from “the bottom up and middle out.”

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A year ago today, Merrick Garland issued a memo directing the FBI to act on a letter that labeled parents “domestic terrorists.”

The only way we hold Biden accountable is electing Republican majorities in the House and Senate.

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