President Bush Joins Forces with Obama and Clinton to Resettle Afghans

If there is ever a way to get conservatives to turn against you, just saddle up to Obama and Bill Clinton.

George W. Bush did not get the memo.

The double-whammy here is that Bush has joined them to start placing Afghanistan refugees inside the United States.

But What About…

Together with their wives, this high-profile group is backing the Welcome.US NGO.

We should note that when you trace the group’s finances, none other than George Soros has his talons attached to this organization.

Even though we have veteran homeless and small business owners still struggling in this country, these three former presidents are working to provide financial assistance to help Afghan refugees get off to a good start.

This is a move that will not be received well by today’s conservatives.

Between his association with this NGO and his upcoming fundraiser for Cheney, it is fairly safe to say Trump supporters have had about all they can take from the former president.

You can read more about this report on Breitbart.

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25 Responses

  1. George Bush you are a disgrace to the Republican party and I regret voting for you, not once, but twice. I will NEVER vote for ANOTHER Bush. Maybe they send the refugees to your ranch in Texas.

    1. Well put…. Bush supported sending 600,000 US jobs a month to communist china during his presidency…and wonder why the depression of 2008 happened when US jobs were outsourced and US citizens left holding the bag…

    2. when Bush, TOLD MEXICO’S PRESIDENT VICENTE FOX, I’ll see you at the signing, this liar lost my respect and vote!

    3. I always thought that Bush was a democrat at heart. He is now, as far as I am concerned, worse than a democrat, he is a traitor to the party and to the people who voted for him. The democrats can burn in hell along with you, which may be soon the way things are going. God will not forgive your evil ways if you don’t repent and do not side with evil anymore.

  2. The problem with Bush he was part of the problem. He and his family where a big part of the Republican swamp. It is time that Americans stand up against the rulers to be removed and the government of the people for the people take back America.

  3. GW Bush – what a freaking joke that little boy in an old man’s body is. Of all the Bushes, this piece of work is the biggest one with no backbone – he’s a lot like Sloppy Joe – never really did anything of any value, just prospered on the family name. Now, to see he’s pretending to be a Demoncrat – no surprise at all.

  4. I regret voting for Bush twice now that I see who he is really is. I think I saw the change in his second term. He seemed to turn against the Country. Had to much of his Daddy’s CIA ways and was a Mamas boy.

  5. No one should be surprised about this. The Bush family has been dirty for decades. He just made it clear to everyone.

  6. Remember folks, it was his “daddy” who publically announced the NWO!!..They are all globalists swamp rats

  7. They should send ALL of the Illegal immigrants to Wilmington Delaware !!!!!!!!! They can set up tent cities on the beaches and Jill can bake them cookies !!!!!!!!!!!!! LOTS and LOTS of cookies !!!!!!!!!!

  8. In modern day life, who is there to believe anymore? Only God! He is Truth only and He will one day sort us all out, the sheep and the tares, the left from the right, and put them in their rightful places. God is not mocked, whatever is sown will also be reaped. His Word, not mine!

  9. well I think they all all should be dumped on their front lawns and lets see how they like that!!! let them feed them and put their cash out for their health and food and anything else that they want to take away from we the people!!!

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