President Trump Starts Speculation After RT of Roger Stone Pardon Petition

Roger Stone is set to report to federal prison in just a few weeks, but will he ever have to make that trip?

Based on the reaction we are seeing from a recent Trump retweet, that would be no.

Trump had no sooner retweeted a petition to have Roger Stone pardoned when speculators ran wild anticipating a Stone pardon by Trump in the very near future.

The Roger Stone Case

Stone has always been a huge Trump supporter but not necessarily an asset to Trump.

He was one of the casualties to the Robert Mueller investigation, having been indicted and convicted on charges that have nothing at all to do with Russian collusion.

Stone had his day in court and ended up being convicted on all charges.

After a rather lengthy dog and pony show, Stone was sentenced to a $20,000 fine and 40 months in federal prison.

Were it not for the COVID-19 pandemic, Stone would already be behind bars.

After yet another failed attempt to have his report date delayed, Stone is now expected to surrender himself to authorities on July 14 to begin serving his sentence.

Will Trump Pardon Stone?

My answer may not be a popular one, but I hope not.

There is a petition going around on social media to have Stone pardoned, and all it took was a Trump retweet for everyone to think Stone will soon be getting either a full pardon or a commuted sentence by Trump.

In my humble opinion, this would be a huge mistake for Trump, and here’s why.

Trump is getting beat very badly right now, and he can ill afford to have another negative headline from pardoning Stone.

Whether or not the investigation happened under legitimate circumstances is irrelevant at this point because Stone had his day in court and he lost.

If Trump pardons Stone now, the media is going to go ballistic and it will provide Democrats with even more ammunition to use against him leading up to the election.

Trump needs to let Stone sit in jail and worry about the election first. Then, whether he wins or loses in November, he can do whatever he wants to do with Stone.

It is just too much of a political liability to pardon or commute Stone’s sentence right now and if Trump does it, he as good as hands this election to Biden on a silver platter.

Source: Fox News

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