Psaki Says White House Would ‘Welcome’ Vaccine PSA by Trump

Joe Biden is desperate to see an increase in vaccinations.

So much so that he is apparently read to eat some crow and welcome Donald Trump’s help.

Albeit it a bit reluctantly, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the administration would welcome anyone with a platform to promote vaccines, even the former president.

Change of Heart

When Biden first moved into the White House, all the living ex-presidents except for one were invited to do a PSA on vaccines, that exception, of course, being Trump.

Joe Biden was pretty upfront that he did not need or want Trump’s help on this front.

The motivation was pretty clear… Biden wanted to steal Trump’s thunder on the vaccine and did not want to risk Trump having any way to get any credit once he moved into the White House on this front.

When Psaki was asked if the administration would seek out Trump’s help to get that final push for vaccinations, she hesitated a bit, took a cheap shot at Trump, then reluctantly agreed his help would be “welcomed.”

First, Psaki stated that the Biden administration should not have to issue Trump an “embroidered invitation” to get his help.

She then stated, “But, certainly, any role of anyone who has a platform where they can provide information to the public that the vaccine is safe, it is effective, we don’t see this as a political issue.

“We’d certainly welcome that engagement.”

They do not see it as a political issue, yet the pandemic was exactly what Biden and Democrats used to attack Trump from the outset.

And, for the record, Trump has many times encouraged people to get the vaccine both while in office and after having left office.

So, an “embroidered invitation” will not be needed because Trump has already done his part on this front.

Source: Fox News

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18 Responses

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  1. Why should we get the vaccine- if we still have to wear mask- All the democrats that got covid on their chartered plane- did they lie about being vaccinated? How did they manage to get covid ? Or is it just all a big lie? I thought all are to wear masks on plane? Would like answers to these questions

    1. Amen why is when democrats was on the plane with no mask laughing having a grand old time and we have borders open I not see one get a shot all I seen is children that’s been abused and they come over get a card for food and clothes

  2. Who are you trying to fool?!! The majority of the people know the vaccine is not safe for everyone, it has already killed thousands and destroyed other thousands health in one form or another that you yoyos don’t tell the truth about. Quit your fear mongering and start telling the truth for a change! ALL the lies of you Democrats and Rhino Republicans is the reason people don’t trust/believe what comes out of your mouths. What exactly is in the vaccines and what is the real reason for you pushing them so hard? What happened to “my body, my choice”? What happened to the laws of privacy such as in the constitution, hippa, etc?

    1. Not a good thing when a vaccine can penetrate your brain blood barrier, if this is true, it opens the possibility for other infections too occur, brains don’t do well at all with infections, and infections can be very hard to stop. This is why you research before you rush out and do something you may regret later on.
      politicians are about their own greed and power, your health should be in your control and what goes into your body.

    2. I believe that you’re the one doing the fear mongering! I got the vaccine and it was no big deal! The media is pushing the extreme reactions. When you compare the number of people who have had the vaccine to the number of people who have had bad reactions, that number is minuscule. Fire Fauci! The man is a snake and definitely deep state. Some people like to blow things way out of proportion. If America wants to be free from the Coronavirus, people NEED to get the vaccination. I swear, it’s shear stupidity that drives a lot of the anti-vaxxers. Wake up America! The Democrats are turning America into a Communist country. That’s what you should be worrying about!!!
      Vote Red!
      Let’s bring sanity back to America!!!

  3. Split up all my shots between these criminals. Trump.Biden and Psaki!! Hope they all get the cooties!!

  4. Joe created his own mess with him and Kamala both saying they will never get the vaccine as Trump pressured the FDA.

  5. Biden and Pelosi are running SCARED. They know G*d is on their heels ready to pounce. They are trying to make it look like they are doing something for the people when they could care less as usual. They are trying to make it look like they are changing their ways. Their chances are over. It’s all down hill for them from here and they know it. August will be a very bad month for dems.

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