Psaki Confirms Biden Intends to Run in 2024

It would appear that sagging poll numbers are not enough to keep Joe Biden away from the 2024 election.

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed that currently, Joe Biden intends on running again in 2024.

This is about as good news as it gets for the GOP heading into the next election cycle.

Running Against a Potato

The polling for Biden has been atrocious since taking office.

It took voters about two weeks to realize the Democrats sold them a sack of potatoes as a commander in chief.

From that point, Biden started to slide back in polling, going from a mid-60s approval rating down to below 40.

In most polls, Joe Biden does not even have a 90 percent approval within his party, which is almost unheard of for an occupant of the White House.

Biden has lost virtually all the support of independents.

If Democrats hope to win in 2024, Biden and Harris cannot be anywhere near the ticket, yet Biden seems intent on running.

When asked about Biden running again in 2024, Psaki did not even hesitate, stating, “Yes, that’s his intention.”

Not long after making that statement, it was announced that while Americans face the most expensive Thanksgiving Day dinner in history, Joe Biden will be jetting off to Nantucket to spend the holiday with his billionaire buddies.

Joe Biden turned 79 this past Saturday, and he would be 81 if he were to run for election again in 2024.

Based on Biden’s current appearance, it is hard even to fathom that he would be anything but an empty vessel by the time that election rolls around.

What do you guys think? Would this be an absolute blowout regardless of who the GOP nominated if Biden stays on the ticket?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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32 Responses

  1. To me, this just signals they plan on cheating again. If they should manage to play fair, they deserve to be out of jobs for allowing this brain dead man to remain president.

    1. biden will not even make it to 2024, He will not run for president. he is not even legally a president. I believe that God’s Mighty hand is as we speak coming down on the evil in this Nation. Have Faith and Trust in GOD. You will see what GOD is doing in this Nation. GOD Loves the people of this Nation. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you believe that biden will even have a chance of being our 46th president because he is not the president right now. You are being deceived by the father of all Lies satan. Ephesians 6:12 in God’s Word shows us what exactly what we are fighting against. This demonic administration will do anything to still, kill and destroy just like what John 10:10 says that the enemy(satan) is out to still, kill and destroy. satan is using the demonic administration as pawns and the people of this nation are being used as guinea pigs with this vaccine which is part of everything including the Lies. AMEN Proverbs 6:30-31. Please listen to me and don’t give up because GOD will never give up on you.

  2. Every Dem in America needs to be removed and a good GOP candidate needs to take their places across America. This is the only way America can survive the communistic take over.

  3. Of course, this is the liberal dream president! His unelectable handlers have complete control over him and are deciding the complete agenda.

  4. sitting in a wheel chair drooling on a bib not able to form a sentence is that what we would look fwd to?? GOD FORBID

  5. We the Great United States of America DO NOT NEED DUMB, NASTY, UNKNOWING, UNCARING, DISGRACEFUL, HATEFUL, BRAIN DEAD Biden for president.

  6. His running again in 24 is a dream come true for the Republicans. The problem is that 24 is 3 years away and I don’t think he’s going to anywhere near cognizant enough to run a campaign. His last one was close to Weekend at Bernie’s. Don’t see him capable of doing it again.

  7. The clown can’t even run this country now why the hell does he think he can run it for another 4 years he needs to get out of politics now and spend time with his family all in prison before he dies of old age and there should be an age limit too

  8. I think what scares me the most is that there still is 38% of the people of this nation who still believe in him. I still see people with Biden / Harris stickers on the back of their cars. It’s these hard-core idiots I am afraid of (as well as the Rinos in Congress who elected this bag of rocks. The laughing Hyena cannot take over so we have to suffer with the current until it runs it’s course. Running again? Outhouse Joe needs a change of britches before he thinks about anything right Ning again. You thought Obama was horrible? Just wait..a second term with him is the end of the US as we know it

  9. This is more serious than you think. The future of our country is at stake. We do not know officially
    how compromised Biden is. His sons hobnobbing with international criminals and possibly
    compromised with large payoffs. This needs to be looked at and investigated.
    We were told General Mille has given both administrations disastrous advice on Afghanistan. losing thirteen
    of our troops there and abandoning billions of dollars in equipment to the Chinese in a total dereliction of duty.
    We need to pray for America. Ask your legislator to work toward a legal changing of the guard now.
    I would hope we realize Americans who gave their lives for this country did not do so in vain.

  10. I hope Biden or Harris does run for President in 2024. A sure win for the Republican candidate either Trump or Desantis. That being said “If the voting machines “ and election rules are changed and overseen to make sure there can’t be any election fraud.

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