Psaki Spins Away When Challenged on Biden Not Wearing a Mask

White Press Secretary Jen Psaki just lied to the face of every American and she laughed about it while she did it.

Even though Joe Biden was caught without a mask in a store that required a mask, Psaki said it did not happen.

This administration is so blatantly cocky that it cannot even admit when video evidence shows they are wrong.

Never Happened

When Joe Biden was in Nantucket this past weekend, he was caught in a store without a mask.

The kicker was that the store openly had a sign that required masks upon entering in the foreground of the video.

So, when Psaki was asked about Joe not wearing a mask, she basically denied it ever happened.

She stated, “The president is somebody who follows the recommendations and the advice of the CDC.

“I don’t know what the circumstances were of that particular moment.”

Fox News Peter Doocy pushed back, stating, “He was shopping in a store and on the glass outside it said ‘face covering required,’ and we could see him inside and his face was uncovered.”

Psaki responded, “Well again, Peter, our recommendation and advice continues to be for people to wear masks when they are required in establishments.

“I don’t know what this establishment was. The president obviously follows the health — the advice of his health and medical team.”

Doocy followed up, “Is there concern that when the president says today, ‘Please wear your mask indoors, in public settings, around other people’ and he doesn’t do that, that it’s gonna make it harder for people to follow him?”

Psaki continued to offer nothing but spin, stating, “I think you see the American people — and all of you — see the president wearing a mask every time he comes out to an event, when he’s sitting in meetings, and certainly he will continue to model behavior he hopes the American people will follow.

“Not for his benefit but to save their own lives and the lives of their friends and neighbors.”

It is just more do as I say, not as I do, rules for thee and not for me, and lies, lies, lies.

That is all this administration can produce, and it is exactly why Biden continues to crash in the polls.

Source: New York Post

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19 Responses

  1. Psaki is a liberal and they all lie. She’s learned by following dementia Joe’s history of lying.

    Let’s go Brandon

    1. Jen Psaki is a commercial liar. I would care less if I picked up the paper and read Psaki had a good heart attack or stroke, cancer, or got run over by a drunk/drugged illegal alien driver.

  2. Psaki has to be as big a liar as Biden to be in her job. I really do wonder how she
    can look herself in the mirror every morning. She must be being paid a huge amount
    to sell her soul, ethics, and honor for a job working for a corrupt and disgusting liar.

  3. All Biden needs to do is what he always does which is make rules for everyone else only to break them himself. Biden will be re-elected or I should say placed in power by our fraud election system again.

  4. I thought she was leaving. Why is she still there? She has been so brainwashed that she believes her own lies. She isn’t normal. Normal people can see through all the lies the dems tell.

  5. I don’t know how she stands herself. How does she sleep at night with the lies that she tells everyday. I guess she has no conscience.

  6. Is there a way we can do a complete house cleaning and remove all the scum from government and not just in Washington Rome is burning

  7. What a liar Psaki is ! The video in the news showed him without a mask. She says rules are made for people to follow the president’s rules they are meant for people to wear masks, well I guess Biden is not people and Psaki isn’t either, they just don’t wear masks. What a bummer. They went to lying school all of them even Pelosi and the rest of the swampers. They show videos with them not wearing masks at the events they attend and they they lie about it, that it isn’t true. What kind of none people are these.??? WOW!

  8. She will be black balled by not doing what they tell her to say, She knows and she will always be in the liars world. Will she stop? Probably not. Too bad , but remember we the people can see
    her through her obscured wall.

  9. Hey, I certainly don’t want to justify the callous disregard this administration has for “the truth”, however, remember Psaki has the “job” of defending a habitual liar. It’s unfortunate this requires her to “sculpture” the truth to justify the dishonesty of ‘the boss’. Just remember the old adage — “right or wrong, the boss is still the boss”. Just remember to place the blame with the source :^)

  10. A swamp will refill if it isn’t emptied with some regularity. This swamp in DC is no different. Lots of new inhabitants in the DC swamp in the first year of the Biden administration. Harris and Psaki, are 2 prime examples of this We’ll all drown if it continues to fill in the way.

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