Public School REVERSAL – Voters Say NO

The official verdict is in:

American citizens do NOT trust our public education system.


Well, it’s simple, really.

Public schools are run by the government.

The people running the schools are going to put their best interests first, not the children’s.

We’ve seen it when Biden took over the FBI. All of these parts of American life that we’re supposed to be able to trust and count on are no longer honest.

Just nine percent of Americans are currently completely satisfied with America’s public school system, which is the second lowest grade ever.

The amount of Americans that disapprove of the system currently? An incredible 55%.

The dissatisfaction is being driven by Republican voters, who are angrier than ever about where their country is heading.

Specific issues that parents specifically named were their children being taught improper gender ideology and critical race theory.

Don’t expend that to end anytime soon.

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19 Responses

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  2. Remove all superintendents, and their bloated staffs, this will save millions of dollars.They all make too much money and do little except jump to states/districts for the highest salary. They also tend to take endless sabbaticals/vacations in the guise of conferences/training.
    School boards should be voluntary not paid.
    One seat on board should be left open and filled by rotating principles from district and should be compensated per principle salary.
    Money saved to be used to hire and retain highly qualified teachers (yes they are out there) ready to actually teach.
    School tax money should be divided evenly among all schools in district.
    Elementary children should have priority to attend closest school to their home. This saves millions more on bussing.
    Each state should be responsible for public and charter schools.
    Each state should have its own union if wanted and voted in by all school staff.
    Federal dept. of Education and national teacher union should be disbanded, more millions saved.
    We need to get back to basics and remove the grifters at the top.
    = Better education for our children!

    1. Totally agree that the Federal Department of Education must be eliminated. This is where the control of curriculum has resulted in the brainwashing and indoctrination is controlled.

    2. The teachers’ unions have caused a lot of damage to our children as has been reported as a result of closing the schools during the covid nonsense.

    1. They are not necessarily paid in cash! Let one ask for variance for a builder and they are buddies – guess who gets what they want! It is done all the time every day!

  3. This is more justification for putting your children in a home-schooling system. My grandchildren are or have been involved in home schooling. Two have graduated and have gone on to college. The oldest one has graduated from college with honors. The next oldest has just begun attending college. The other two are home-schooled. The advantage is that they are not subjected to the corruption of CRT and propaganda that is prevalent in the public schools. The parents are more informed about just what their child is learning.

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