Putin Deploys Troops to Ukrainian Border, Testing Biden for First Time

Joe Biden is about to get his first major test regarding foreign policy.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin has reportedly deployed 85,000 troops and his “robot army” to the border of Ukraine in what many believe is a prelude to a major military conflict.

So far, the United States has moved several warships into the Black Sea area, but that is being touted as business as usual rather than an actual response to the moves made by Putin.

Ready for War

The forces that have been moved into the area by Putin are both powerful and noticeable, meaning this does not appear to be a mere presence but rather a force ready for action.

Among the units that were deployed are “strike robots.”

The unmanned units are actually tanks equipped with flamethrowers, anti-tank missiles, and a 30mm automatic gun.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stated, “We expect to continue expanding the range of robots, which, of course, are already in demand in the military today.

“These will be heavy robots (for mine clearance) and everything related to the further development of scouts, radiation and chemical reconnaissance robots.

“This applies to surface and underwater robots.”

Ukraine Defense Minister Andrii Taran believes this is a huge act of aggression on the part of Russia.

He stated, “It should be noted that the intensification of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine is possible only if an appropriate political decision is made at the highest level in the Kremlin.”

Alyona Getmanchuk, director of the New Europe Centre think tank in Kyiv, added, “What is quite clear for me is that Zelensky and the people around him are seriously concerned about a possible invasion.”

If Russia does make a move, this is not something the United States will be able to stay out of, putting Joe Biden in the position of entering the United States in a conflict against another major power only months into his administration.

Source: The Sun

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47 Responses

  1. It is common knowledge that Biden is bought and paid for by the Chinese. If I was a congressman, I would be worried that Biden is stupid enough to start a war with Russia! The end of time as written in the Bible, reflects or predicts a great war between large, powerful nations and we all know how mentally challenged Biden is!

    1. This is Kamela Harris’s war. Biden likely doesn’t even know about it. Why should the United States get involved?

      1. I was taught back in the seventies the Domino Theory and have lived long enough to see it being applied by Communist and anti American Nations. Biden is unfortunately a pedophile with a diseased mind and is not the man President Trump is. Trump removed us from useless wars and maintained a tight grip on any real concerns.

      2. Haviette: Because they are a part of NATO and in large part provide a lot of the funding of it.
        I am amazed that this administration is paying so much attention to Russia and not the Chinese government. If a world war happens, I do believe Russia will be on our side against China and its allies as they would like to see China taken down and remain a power and know it would be a losing effort to align with China.

    2. China and the Russians Both own Ol Pedo Bidy and Bidy Jr!! Hell just pay attention to the flags on all the oil tankers unloading here now!! Thanks to Ol Pedos magic Pen and His shutting down our energy independence!

  2. Do not worry about Russia because they have the “man” they wanted in charge and president Bidet is scared of his own shadow . He will send them a few billion dollars to try and protect the USA or tell VP Kameltoe Paris to handle it . In other words We are F++++d .

  3. Get Joe out of the office he will not be able to stand up to Putin. He needs to reign his presidency and take Harris with him he has ignored this situation an given an opening to Putin to invade the Ukraine. With joe at the helm we may no longer have a country, or on the other hand we may find Joe joining Putin.

  4. This would not be happening had President Trump not had the election stolen from Him.

    Knuckle Head Joe is in over his head and that’s a pretty big head and what’s her name in the pants suit is even less qualified.
    We already have China rattling sabers, and N.Korea not far behind this new threat is surely the test of his life and he will screw it up, look out USA !!!!!

  5. The dem o rats do NOT BELONG IN POWER
    Trump actually WON THE ELECTION and should be in the WHITE HOUSE
    The only thing these dem o rats are good for is SPENDING MONEY THEY DO NOT HAVE STEALING IT FROM US WORKING TAXPAYING CITIZENS his illegals are looking for a handout that we are being forced to pay for

  6. Russia will do whatever it wants. Obama was a coward and biden is WORSE! This country is on incapable hands. None of this disaster would ever happen if we had a real president, not a political hack!

  7. How can we fund a war, dipstick and the morons spent all the money on their pet projects, take more from us I suppose. Told all the dings songs he’d be bad for the country, but anything but trump! Well you sure got anything, but we DIDN’T vote and cheat for anything! Ready for the great reset devastation and food lines you *** liberals?!

  8. If we do get in this mess it will wipe out a bunch of millennials and hopefully the 20 % of our military that are foreign anyway! More fun in the real world!

    1. Our country is in bad shape. We dont have the money to fund a war, Joe and his democratic Congress have already spent it all on “pork”. I think it’s time to impeach Biden/Harris an the rest of the cronies.
      If the United States gets dragged into a conflict with Russia, May God save us. China will get involved, maybe Iran and North Korea.
      Bring the real president Donald Trump back. At least we may have a chance of survival.
      The Big “D”

      1. If we lose Biden & Harris – we get Nancy Pelosi! PLEASE, be careful what you wish for.
        As well as Russia talking Ukraine, China will take Taiwan and North Korea will take South Korea. And Biden will hide at Camp David so nobody can get to him.

        1. Well, if b and k were to be removed, I think that p would be a bit nervous unless she’s lost it, too. I know I’d chill and schmooze…

  9. Who is in charge for getting this clown and his other dummies out of office? Somebody, whoever this job belongs to has got to see what is going on in the White House and to the Americans that are suppose to have all the say in what goes on here . These dummies work for the people, not the other way around. God please help us get these idiots out of our White House.

    1. If they bring back the draft some of them can kiss their babies and grandbabies good bye and hope they come back!

    2. If you take out the top 2 dummies that leaves drunkin NANCY BIMBO to take over and knowing her she would pick SCHUMER for vice pres.

  10. Now we will be in 3wars Russia, China the Inlands and in Iraq. Joe Binden has not being in Office three months. I’m just wander what else is Joe Binden going to screw up. Russia and China capable to Send Missiles. Joe Binden is not Capable to stop them. Mike Pence Lied about the Electoral Cottage Volts. Josh Hawley new Mike Pence could send the Seven States Electoral Cottage Volts back to the Attorney Generals. They have to look at the Volter Fraud and all the Affidavits about what they saw and new. Mike Pence is as guilty as Joe Biden for all he has screwed up in less than three months.

  11. If they bring back the draft some of them can kiss their babies and grandbabies good bye and hope they come back!

  12. Everything is in Gods hands he knew this would all happen. Just pray that God gives you the strength to endure all that’s coming . Read the Bible it’s all in there ….this is not our home it’s getting closer to Jesus’s return!!!!

    1. Yes, Jesus will be coming soon. But remember, 1,000 years is but a day in Heaven. So we may habe to endure much before he gets here. I’m praying it’s not very long but…you never know. Only God knows when His son will come back. The anti Christ isn’t even known yet. But I have a feeling he’s been born.

  13. While Biden hides in his basement and consults his crystal ball the world powers are making moves,we’re in big trouble

  14. If Joe Biden told me that my butt was on fire, I wouldn’t even look backwards.. What a lying scumbag Biden is.

  15. OK Biden stand or surrender, wave the white flag, kiss Putin like Obama did
    another endless war OK

  16. This is what you dumb democrats voted for are you happy.I hope you pay for this one way or another.Senile Biden and his VP are so incompetent.We are in bad shape and more to come.They need to be impeached quickly.They are Mickey Mouse people.

  17. This would not be happening if Trump was President!!! They would stay away from Ukraine!!! Impeach Joe and Kamala and put Trump back in the White House!!! After all he won in the first place!!!

  18. A funny. A few weeks ago, I was driving down the street and our city sirens came on. It was a surprise to me, so I looked around to see if there was any threatening clouds, no, the clouds were white and fluffy. So in my mind, I thought, ol’ Joe had pushed the button and we are done for. That’s really what crossed my mind. He is not able to be our Prez, the man has a brain problem, probably dementia.

  19. Biden is afraid Ukraine could spill the beans on his and hunter so this development may get interesting

  20. We needpresudent trump back in the white house get rid of all the communist dem get trump and whoever he picks for his vice president i am sure it won’t be pence

  21. Every problem we have with these rogue countries were caused by the Democrat party. Bill Clinton 1994 gave billions to North Korea + URANIUM they starved their citizens while enriching the uranium, Obama/Biden admin gave billions to Iran + uranium the same thing happened. Dems NAFTA moved all our companies/jobs to China had all our tech products , drugs, medical supplies & essential infrastructure materials made there..

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