Rahm Emanuel Reignites ‘Never let a crisis go to waste’

Former Chicago mayor and Obama staffer Rahm Emanuel had one line that made him famous.

While serving as Obama’s chief of staff, Emanuel, while referencing the 2008 economic collapse, stated that Obama should “never let a crisis go to waste.”

Well, he is firing up that line again with his advice for Joe Biden during the pandemic.

Spend Big

During times of crisis, the American people are more receptive to big government spending as long as they can find something in the bill that helps them.

That, in and of itself, is the major problem with big legislation.

In this case, everyone was so pumped up about getting an additional $1,400 in stimulus payments, many of them could care less that 90 percent of the bill was wasteful spending considering the country’s current financial situation.

Emanuel believes Dems and Biden are getting it right and they should continue to spend big.

He stated, “Never allow a crisis to go to waste.

“Start planning for the future.

“This has to be the last pandemic that creates an economic depression.

“We’re going to have more pandemics, but this has to be the last economic depression.”

Well, actually, Rahm, the pandemic did not create the economic depression, the United States government did.

We have seen other countries get through this without shutting down and some states in our Republic, such as Florida and to an extent, Texas, never fully shut down and are doing just fine.

Rahm’s rhetoric did not sit well with Republicans and his game plan is not sitting well with current GOP members who now realize Pelosi and Schumer are doing exactly what Emanuel is recommending…

One would think that with the problems that surfaced from big legislation during the Obama administration that Democrats would have learned their lesson.

Instead, they seem intent on repeating history and duplicating some of the most horrific fiscal decisions this country has ever seen.

Source: Fox News

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24 Responses

  1. The U.S. military has fought to help other countries to defeat Communism, but here in America not only did the U.S. Supreme Court run from the battle but so far our Military only keeps watch over ones who suck up to China. It’s a National disgrace.

    1. Linda,
      The problem with todays Democrats is they think they own this country and anybody that opposes them for any reason is a traitor or renegade and MUST be destroyed. What THEY DO NOT realize is THEY are destroying themselves in the process of trying to eliminate everybody else.

  2. Absolutely agree with above statements…why would our present administration want to ruin us ? They will go down with all of us too.

  3. There’s a snake in our White House who has sold America out before and is doing it again. Open your eyes and see the truth.. Impeach Joe Biden!

    1. Bubba, You are accurate . We are loosing our country so fast. So very sad election was rigged no way . Stand with the few republicans in office democrat’s will not work with them Our courts and Judges will not rule in favor for country.

  4. Agree with all posts! Biden is obama’s Stooge, Obama is running this sh** t show called the Biden administration! And—- laughing behind his hand that Americans are so stupid as to “ vote” for Biden. Most didn’t, that is why the election was rigged. So were obama’s Elections. Wake up people, you have been duped!

    1. Ironically, I never considered Obama to be all that smart. He never held down a job in his entire life – of any kind. Whatever he knows about face relations, came from his white-hating church and ‘black lives matter’ supporters. He really was smart when it came to playing the usual “race card”. That’s how he got elected…that, and his Leftist tax-payer supported policies of using other people’s money to buy votes. Nope…Obama was just cunning and smart like a con-man. Nothing good-for-America came from his administration.

    1. Obama’s so-called election-stealing was far less obvious than Biden’s. The Democrats realized that Duffus Joe had absolutely no chance of winning a fair election against Trump – unless they could use un-accountable, un-verifiable, mail-in votes, and control the counting process. And, they actually -masterful- pulling it off. Even the gut-less Supreme Court cowardly bowed-and-crawled out backward. Additionally, Notice that most all of America’s crooked $trillonares poured their $mega-bucks into Dirty Biden’s campaign…after forcing him to accept their controlled-stuge Kamala. America is going to pay a horrible price for this Biden scam.

  5. Spend big, then tax the hell out of them. This has been the democrat mantra for all of my 74 years and it never changes. Now, they are spending this country into oblivion.

  6. The ones who will suffer are our kids and grand kids and the Demon crats don’t give a damn about it. They all turn millionaires so they do not worry about their own. They steal from the American tax payers and feel good about it. They just don’t care what happens to Americans they are all eating our lunch.

  7. I just can’t believe our Milatary is not piss– off .. ..Look at the people who can’t pay there bills and who can’t buy Food…People had to give there Pets away…and we are giving all our money to people from other Countries who our NOT under persecution…!!! they came here because Nut Case Biden told them to….He gave them everything…!!!

  8. Rob E always wants a crisis isnt that what Chicago is nightly & etc et al?
    Give Rob a crisis send him to the border then .
    Or other

  9. Elections have cosenquences.the people who voted for biden and harris are the same people who cannot stand Trump.So the people are already having buyers remorse. I’ve always said this nation is stupid and we have no common sense,so we have to bite the bullet for 3 and half years.

  10. The 1.9 trillion dollar bill that the Democrats are pushing have lots of pork in it for other countries, San Francisco is getting 2.5 million bailout for their bad judgments in budget, and the American people get 9% of what is left. This is a bad deal. Stop the stimulus bill. It’s a farce. It’s not helping us.

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