Rand Paul Blasts FBI After Bombshell Daily Caller Report

This week, the Daily Caller dropped another bombshell about a hush-hush operation the FBI was running from 2016 to 2019.

The program started under Comey and continued for two years under Director Christopher Wray.

In essence, it was a program to have people sign away their Second Amendment rights.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) blasted them for what appears to be some very questionable methods.

The Quandary

In essence, this was a self-reporting program, or at least that is how the FBI intended it to look.

The program sought out people deemed a danger to themselves or others and those who were mentally unfit to own a firearm.

The problem, as Paul sees it and as we noted, is if the person is mentally unfit to own a firearm, how can they be mentally fit to sign away a constitutional right?

Paul stated, “There is a certain irony to saying to someone you have to be mentally competent to sign this statement that says you’re not mentally competent to have a gun.

“So there is that that might be a quandary if you get into a court of law.

“How someone that’s mentally incompetent to own a gun could be competent to sign away their gun rights.”

He continued, “I think the whole problem we have right now is that there’s a burden upon the FBI to prove to the American public that they are not partisan.

“This goes back to 2016 when they used a foreign intelligence warrant to go after Donald Trump and his campaign.

“A foreign intelligence warrant which should be used on foreigners in a secret court was used to go after a major presidential, you know, candidate.”

Paul is not alone in thinking this.

There have already been several other Republicans and gun rights advocates that believe the individuals targeted by the FBI could have a possible lawsuit against the agency.

Source: Daily Caller

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