Rand Paul Slams Fauci’s Claim That He ‘Represents science’

Dr. Fauci has once again found himself suffering the wrath of Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).

He is now also dealing with attacks from Senator Cruz (R-TX), and he is not handling it very well.

Now, after literally changing the definition of gain-on-function research, Paul called out Fauci for “obfuscating the truth.”

Face the Nation

You may have missed Dr. Fauci’s interview on “Face the Nation,” but Senator Paul did not.

After the interview aired, Paul went ballistic over several of Fauci’s claims during the interview…

Senator Cruz also have a few words for Fauci after Fauci specifically went after him in the interview…

All I know is that the moment Republicans get back control, Fauci is rightfully going to have a target on his head.

My advice to Fauci would be that the moment the Democrats lose Congress, announce your retirement, and leave the country because it will not be pretty.

Source: Fox News

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5 Responses

  1. Foochy has backtracked, changed his story, flip flopped and outright lied all through his plandemic that to believe him would be moronic….🤣 see what I did there those exact same letters are found in the name of the so called ‘new strain’ of the foochie china bio weapon! I don’t think that is a coincidence no it’s the way this regime sees you, me, us! They are lying to us and through the spelling of this variant, they are thumbing their collective noses at we the people!

  2. Anthony Fraudchi needs to go! Rand Paul and Ted Cruz need to make this happen! He along with this administration are destroying our country!

  3. Fauci is for Fauci & screw the voters
    Fauci is for $$$$$$.
    Hes behind this new virus strain.
    Doesnt know Science, at BUT politics
    Plays US for fools
    Go Paul. Go awesome

  4. Listen up everyone
    Fauci is not a virologist
    shouldn’t we have a team of five or six virologists, experts in viruses, guiding us through this mess that was created by SCIENCE and fake experts?
    the data is not reliable regarding the virus, the covid tests are not reliable, the vaccines are not reliable, masks are not reliable, death reports related to covid are not reliable
    only lies that is what Fauci represents, and scare tactics
    the nursing home called white house and the attendants to the party are desperate to keep it all alive forever. they are probably all walking around in soggy diapers.

  5. I would not be surprised if they find witnesses that testify Fauci brought the virus to the USA in a jar and let it be free. He thinks he is God, he has all those prayer candles with him wearing religious vestments sitting by his desk making him feel he is holy. He is not Holy, but maybe holeee lots of holes in his speeches. He is a wee man like Napoleon was and is killing people so he can be bigger?

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