Driver Who Ran into Recruits Released from Jail

It would appear that the man who ran into 25 Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department recruits is about to be let go scot-free.

Nicholas Joseph Gutierrez, 22, was detained after he slammed into a large group of recruits who were out for a morning run.

Twenty-five of the recruits were injured, five of them with life-altering injuries.

Gutierrez, however, has now been set free.

No Evidence

After the incident, Gutierrez was taken into custody on suspicion of attempted murder of a peace officer.

Initially, investigators gathered enough evidence to believe this was an intentional act.

Later, however, he was released for “insufficient evidence.”

Gutierrez had passed a breathalyzer test, so we know he was not drunk.

If this were not intentional, one would think there would have been skid marks or other evidence to show that his veering into the oncoming lane was not intentional.

That was not the case from the crime scene photos I have seen.

In fact, officers at the scene have already stated that were it not for a light pole, more of the recruits would have been hit.

I cannot imagine how these recruits, their families, and the members of that sheriff’s department feel right now that this man has been set free.

Source: Just the News