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Released Prisoner Tracks Down Victim Who Testified Against Him and Kills Her

As the pandemic started to surge in this country, there was a major push to have prisoners released for fear of them dying from the virus in prison.

With such close quarters, many liberals and Democrats stated that these fine human beings needed to be released to save their lives, not worrying a second about those that would be put in danger because of their release.

On April 9, Ibrahim E. Bouaichi was released. In late July, he allegedly shot and killed a woman.

Let Them Go

Why massive rioting and protesting are allowed and prisoners cannot remain in prison with safety measures is baffling.

Democrats have been looking to soften the criminal justice system for years and the pandemic presented them with a perfect opportunity to do just that.

All across the country, prisoners were being allowed to walk free when they easily could have been given masks and remained in prison.

We were all told only non-violent criminals would be set free, but I would consider someone that was being held for attempted rape a violent criminal, yet Ibrahim E. Bouaichi was permitted to go free.

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And Now She’s Dead

A little more than three months after he was let go, Ibrahim E. Bouaichi struck again, but this time he killed someone.

Karla Elizabeth Dominguez Gonzalez testified against Bouaichi in December.

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Bouaichi was then held without bail, something his lawyers argued endangered him and he should be released until his trial date.

Circuit Court Judge Nolan Dawkins agreed, and set him free on the condition that he only leave his house to consult with his attorneys.

Shockingly, Bouaichi did not adhere to those restrictions and on July 29, he tracked down and killed Gonzalez.

Police were able to track him down and while being pursued, Bouichi crashed his car then reportedly shot himself.

He is currently listed in grave condition but even if he dies, Ms. Gonzalez will still be dead because this animal was set free.

Source: Fox News

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