Two Naval Officers Relieved of Duty on USS Montgomery

Two high-ranking officers on the USS Montgomery have been relieved of duty.

Cmdr. Richard J. Zamberlan and Cmdr. Phillip Lundberg have both lost their posts.

The decision was made for the reason of “loss of confidence in their ability to command.”

Relieved of Duty

Cmdr. Dustin Lonero, the current executive officer of the USS Coronado, will take command of the ship until the Navy assigns a permanent captain.

The Navy has not officially released the reason for the two officers believed relieved of command.

However, a source close to the operation who is not authorized to speak on the record did reveal some key information to a local publication.

The San Diego Tribune has reported that the two officers “mishandled sexual harassment complaint” that was filed on the ship.

Naval Surface Force spokesperson Cmdr. Nicole Schwegman did confirm to the Tribune that an investigation had been opened.

However, she would not comment on the specifics of that investigation.

She said that it would be “inappropriate” to do so at this time.

The USS Montgomery is a littoral combat ship currently based in San Diego.

Both officers in question were part of what is known as a “Blue Crew” assigned to the ship to maintain minimum staffing levels.

The officers have been reassigned to the Naval Surface Force Pacific pending the outcome of the investigation.

Source: San Diego Tribune & Fox News

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13 Responses

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