Chuck Todd’s ‘Meet the Press Daily’ Removed from MSNBC Lineup

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd has made more than his fair share of controversial statements over the last few years.

He was among those pushing the Russian collusion narrative and has been covering for Joe Biden like many in the mainstream media these days.

MSNBC has also been struggling for viewers with Rachel Maddow on the sidelines.

So, the network announced a major shakeup, which included removing Chuck Todd from the daily lineup.

Headed to the Internet

The only network that has managed to get the premium streaming thing right thus far seems to be Fox News.

CNN’s streaming service went out of business in less than a month.

Now, Chuck Todd, who used to be considered one of the main draws of MSNBC, is being sent to the streaming rather than a prime-time slot on the network.

The difference here being that, currently, NBC News does not charge for its streaming service.

His old slot is being renamed “MSNBC Reports” and Chris Jansing will host it.

Todd is going to be slated in the 4 p.m. slot on the streaming service.

The change will go into effect on May 26.

Source: Daily Caller

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15 Responses

  1. 50 Ways To Be Demoted: LOL…Chuck Todd is being sent to streaming rather than prime-time.
    Make A New Plan, Stan!

    1. They ought to just get rid of him completely along with that lying Rachel Maddow! All the left wing guests they have on lie right along with the hosts!

  2. Perhaps Chuckie can join Chris Wallace and make their new program twice as hard to stand. Both of those idiots should be out looking for work rather than still employed by the Clinton News Network.

  3. The Democratic Party is pure EVIL ! They themselves have committed crimes & LIE to the American People; they have BROKEN The Constitution of our Country- they need to PAY & Be Held accountable under the Law- Prison- sued For unlawful actions !!!! They are not ABOVE THE LAW ; What are we waiting For ……

  4. he was so heavy as an anchor he was holding them down,so they had to let him go. they wanted to drift.oh i am sorry in thought they were fishing

  5. Chucky boy was a stupid fool. I don’t know why any one would watch such a lying, corrupt fool like him. The ones that watch must be the brain dead ones

  6. Couldn’t happen to a lousier guy; he deserves a demotion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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