Rep. Boebert Goes on the Attack Against Pelosi at CPAC

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is quickly making a name for herself in the GOP.

Boebert is a freshman House member tagged as the answer to the likes of the Squad in the Democrat Party.

To that point, she is very much on board with MAGA and absolutely unloaded on Pelosi during CPAC this weekend.

Boebert on the Attack

The freshman House Republican has been very outspoken regarding the fact there is still a fence around the Capitol and National Guard troops are still in place.

She has likened the Capitol to “Fort Pelosi.”

At CPAC, Boebert stated, “I wouldn’t be surprised if we start quartering soldiers in the committee hearing rooms.”

She added, “There’s plenty in the parking garages at Fort Pelosi.

“Maybe we can start unreasonably seizing and searching members of Congress.

“Oh, wait, we’re already doing that in House chambers.”

While CPAC’s speaker list is usually packed with establishment figures, that was far from the case this time around.

Everyone on the list this time around was clearly pro-MAGA, and this includes Boebert.

The Republican Party is being reshaped whether the likes of McConnell likes it or not.

Source: New York Post

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