Rep. Jayapal Tweet About Student Loans Backfires

Right now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is trying to work up support for both student loan forgiveness and the COVID stimulus legislation.

To try to get the public behind the student loan forgiveness, Rep. Jayapal (D-WA) sent out an ill-advised tweet.

Considering the backlash after it was sent, she may have just killed any chance Pelosi and company had of getting that past Joe Biden.

I Want to Hear from You

The idea behind Jayapal’s tweet was to get momentum behind the $50,000 student loan forgiveness pitch.

During his recent town hall, Joe Biden seemed hesitant to wipe the slate clean of that much money right out of the gate.

So, Jayapal sent out the following tweet…

The resistance to the proposal was almost immediate.

What About Us?

The problem with the proposal was that those that have already paid off their student loans want to know how they can benefit.

Not only that, this new proposal would put the responsibility for these loans on taxpayers, most of whom have already paid off their own loans or never even went to college, having avoided student loans of their own.

So, in essence, they are now being asked to pay for their education and that of someone everyone who is getting loan forgiveness.

Here are just a couple of the tweets that were sent in response…

Forgiving this kind of debt is utterly ridiculous, as it would hit taxpayers with an estimated $1.5 trillion burden.

Rather than forgiving the loans, there are far better options, such as working out a friendlier payment schedule.

Even if they removed the interest from the loan, it would be far better than simply writing it off and asking taxpayers to assume this burden, especially since we are seeing our deficit go through the roof with all these checks the government is currently writing for COVID relief.

Source: Fox News

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