Rep. Nehls Says Biden ‘Complicit’ in Human Trafficking at Border

One of the contributing factors to getting control of immigration is to prevent human trafficking.

When Joe Biden opened our border, he knowingly or unknowingly boosted the human trafficking trade.

Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) believes Biden knew this and did it anyway, making him complicit in the crimes now taking place.

Biden is Complicit

Joe Biden has not even been in office for two months and he has completely destroyed immigration control.

We saw a comparable surge in 2019, which caused Trump to declare a border emergency as well as setting rules, such as the Remain in Mexico order, which finally got this situation under control.

Everyone knew at the time that bad characters were exploiting the Biden-era rules to promote human trafficking, but Biden shredded Trump’s orders and reverted back anyway.

Historical facts tell us that going back would only promote these horrific crimes again, so by that argument, Biden is, in fact, complicit in promoting human trafficking, an allegation also made by Rep. Nehls.

In part, Nehls stated, “You’re going to see migrant children being warehoused in camps that are full to the gills right now, and the problem is going to continue to get worse as the days and the weeks and the months progress.

“He has got to reverse course.

“This is inhumane.

“We have a human trafficking issue. It’s an issue across our nation.

“When you start allowing migrant children to enter our country to be released to a sponsor or a caretaker, which we do very little vetting, the president is complicit in this.

“He is welcoming these children.

“It’s not only dangerous to the migrant children that are coming across, it’s [also] dangerous to the American people. As a sheriff [in Fort Bend County, Texas], I saw it firsthand …

You can see his full segment in the video below…

Source: Fox News

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45 Responses

    1. It is the same children that sold to the sickos by cartels this needs to stop! These children are human beings! Send them back to their lived ones this is sick!

      1. Clueless Biden is just trying to be a hero
        Now Bidens HERO TO ZERO!!! This is what happens when u STEAL an election & put someone this INCOMPETENT IN CHARGE!
        Great job being a PUPPET OF THE DNC

        1. He will use his dementia and the fact that he doesn’t know where is half the time to keep from being charged with treason, and aiding and abetting the enemy and the cartels. Just watch him and pay close attention.

  1. Biden is an imposter. He is not an American. He does what
    others want him to do. He is the worst of the worst and needs
    to get off his high horse and go to China! We do not need his
    face and actions here in America.What a louse!

  2. Plagiarism Joe, back at again stealing ideas from past Presidents, Why is it this guy never has any original thoughts of his own? Only what others have put forth in word or deed. How can this be good for our Country? What’s left of his mind lives in the past, which a good percentage was also plagiarize, now dementia has taken over what’s left. Where are the certified tax payor white house medical report that says this guy is ok to serve as an American President? Looking over his long list of executive orders reflects someone who is a pawn in a chess game that he does not have the wit to play. Time joe to face the press, without any ear plugs, teleprompter, telling you what to say or white house staff to whisk you off to play video games.

    1. I trust and depend on ALMIGHTY GOD’S JUSTICE, VENGEANCE is released to the DncDemocrats, Hunter Joe Biden-Harris, Pelosi, all connected involved with these Incredible wicked deeds. “But this is what The LORD SAYS, I will reward your evil with evil; you won’t be able to Escape.” (Micah 2) I send these WORDS of GOD to Manifest NOW throughout The DncDemocrats, Hunter Joe Biden-Harris, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Clintons, Schiff, Soros, Nadler, Tech CEO’ sensor, all who are connected. GOD’S JUSTICE FAIRNESS HONESTY and TRUTH has been released. “GOD’S Kingdom Rules OVER ALL” I decree in JESUS NAME.

  3. Immigrants bringing COVID into the States…….how many deaths will Biden be responsible for with this kind of action? The finger pointing is heading his direction quickly!

    1. That’s absolutely true. We need Biden gone. He should be in a rocking chair doing nothing. He has not business being in the White House. He’s mentally and physically unfit for the job. It’s just a matter of time before the democrats sweep him to the side.

      1. ALMIGHTY GOD’S vengeance is sweeping them all to the side, subdue them all, Uproot them all, ALMIGHTY GOD, NOW. ” O LORD, to whom VENGEANCE BELONGS. O GOD if VENGEANCE, let YOUR GLORIOUS JUSTICE be seen! Arise, O JUDGE of The Earth. Sentence the Proud to the Penalties they Deserve.” (Psalm 94) These WORDS of GOD are decreed and Manifesting throughout this DncDemocrats, Hunter Joe Biden-Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, all involved with these Incredible wicked deeds. I decree in JESUS NAME.

  4. What can you expect from an empty-headed moron that’s running out country straight into the ground? Biden’s got to go one way or another. That’s all!

  5. Biden is totally incompentent! It is his “handlers” we need to go after. Biden needs to be put out to pasture immediately before the “handlers” have him sign more “Executive Orders”.

  6. Every hour that goes by helps the corrupted demoRats gain more power/control, it’s like a small fire allowed to get out of control tell it can’t be put out, great destruction huge cost to are country that, will call for major action to stop, these illegals will not leave peacefully, it like the demoRate are building a army within the U.S. they can us against use, THINK ABOUT IT ????

  7. Rehlps has defined it – so file for impeachment for God’s sake. We just keep talking about it. DO SOMETHING!

  8. So…charge him with the crime. Stop casting aspersions and bring him up on charges. The left wants to play the legal games, show them how to play.

  9. Agree with all posts! Biden is guilty of causing those kids to be abused, but hey, they are only kids, they can’t fight back to defend themselves. Biden, Obama, killary, Schumer , Piglosi and their henchmen need to be facing a firing squad!

  10. Biden and his Son are sick and Joe is got dementia. This is who the liberals elected and cheated to put in control of the Greatest Nation on Earth????? WHAT are you waiting for America, where are the comments from real Patriots ready to take back our home of the brave. The Constitution spells out that we are equal and as long as minorities fall for the crap the slave masters put out they will remain slaves. Those that are Americans and not a color American are millions strong and preparing to show slaves what free men and women have accomplished and ready to defend.

  11. I live in Texas and we have roads that you shouldn’t drive after dark. These roads of controlled by the drug and slave dealers that now have free range to our Southern counties. Joe Biden and the Democrats knew exactly what they were doing when they changed all the rules and then sat on their fat azzes and watched the invasion unfold. Have they done one thing to stop it? NO!! Do they intend to stop it? NO!! They plan of benefitting from it!!! This is what is leading our nation right now, and it isn’t a pretty picture. The Democrats have decided to support “AMERICA LAST” and when you next see your Democratic Representative, please give it a big crushing bear hug and sarcastic thank you from the American people.

  12. Seems like NO ONE HAS THE BALLS to put a stop to Biden and his clan. We will never recover if the continues. What part of this doesnt anyone understand? We are losing everything for a Ho and a Demented fool can play games cause they dont like Trump. Pelosi beeds to take a long walk on a short pier.

  13. Biden needs to be impeached immediately. Biden is not the President in actuality, Harris is. Time for all of these Demorats starting with Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, the entire Biden Cabinet along with Biden, Harris and all involved in this treachery are removed permanently from office and spend the rest of their time in prison.

  14. Why aren’t other leaders of the country stepping up and taking action against this man just because he’s a falsely elected president doesn’t give him the right to destroy the country,I’m sure there are people in congress and the senate see what this moron is doing is wrong,so why aren’t they saying or doing anything,I just don’t get it

  15. What’s new? He is been trafficker since God only knows when!
    Latinos probably taste better and can’t complain…. discussing

  16. Aiding and Abetting Human Trafficking, Drug Smuggling, Money Laundering, Compromising National Health (importing corona in untested illegal immigrants), Compromising National Security (potentially allowing terrorist into the US), the list goes on and on yet no one in Congress or the States seems to be challenging the legality of these actions and/or impeaching Biden or Pelosi.

    If We The People march on Wash, DC again the USG will have brought it on themselves.
    “The Stamp Act Congress met on this day in New York in 1765, a meeting that led nine Colonies to declare the English Crown had no right to tax Americans who lacked representation in British Parliament.”
    And now We The People have the Most Pathetic Representation in the U.S. Government since 1765!

  17. This pervert, ILLEGAL President is bringing in children for his pervert friends…Humanitarians NEED to stop this…Send these ILLEGALS back where they came from….Our country can’t handle the influx……Save these kids from biden and his pervert friends……..dems can’t hndle what is going on…send them to biden and pelosi’s house and see what happens.

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