Rep. Peter Meijer Believes He Committed Political Suicide for Backing Impeachment

Rep. Peter Meijer (R-MI) is a freshman member of Congress who may have already torpedoed his own career.

Meijer is one of almost a dozen House Republicans that decided to forego an actual investigation and evidence to vote for impeaching Trump.

He now realizes that as far as career decisions go, this was probably not the smartest move he could have made.

Jumping the Gun

You can possibly make the argument that Trump should not have appeared at the January 6 rally, but that it about as far as it goes in terms of Trump’s role in the riot.

When you look at the actual timeline of how things played out and Trump’s actual words, there simply is no way Trump should ever be able to be convicted for insurrection by anything other than a kangaroo court.

Sadly, that is exactly what the House has become these days.

Meijer is among those that allowed the House to skip over usual impeachment protocols and voted for impeachment without any evidence actually being provided.

Hearing Meijer speak, my guess is that he is right.

He seems to have RINO blood flowing through his veins and the fact he jumped the gun on this to cower to his blue state voters sickens me.

Again, this is more about actually waiting for evidence and a true investigation into what happened rather than jumping the gun to do what was being portrayed as “the right thing to do” by Democrats and other RINOs in office.

Enjoy your two years in office and that fat paycheck, Rep. Meijer, because if We the People have anything to do with it, these will be your only two years in office.

Source: Daily Caller

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