REPORT: 18,000 Ballots Disqualified in Massachusetts Primary Election

Fraud is a major concern for the upcoming election if mail-in voting is used on large scale.

However, the bigger threat could be disqualified ballots.

We see this in every election, but we are seeing far more of them with such widespread use, with roughly 18,000 ballots reportedly disqualified in the Massachusetts primary election.

No Good

The problem here is that many people are using this method for the first time and really don’t understand the rules.

Be it the ballot being verified or the proper envelope being used to something as simple as the ballot being signed, a lot of mistakes are occurring.

In Massachusetts, nearly two percent of all the ballots collected were disqualified.

When you consider how close many of the states were in 2016, this could easily swing the election in some states.

We are already seeing big problems in states that have automatically sent out ballots.

For instance, in New York, 100,000 ballots were sent out with the wrong return address and names on them.

It is very scary to think that with such an important election on deck, and so many problems when mail-in voting is used on smaller scales, that election officials are expected to be able to handle this.

Honestly, election boards are arguably some of the most incompetent people in service, a point proven with caucus states every election.

Whether we like it or not, this election will probably not be decided for weeks, or even months, after the actual election day passes.

Even then, I have little doubt that regardless who wins, everyone in this country will question whether or not the win was legitimate.

You can read more about these mail-in voting problems on Breitbart.

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