REPORT: 49ers Fly Black Lives Matter Flag Above Old Glory

The San Francisco 49ers are doing their best to be the most woke team in the NFL.

The team’s latest measure, however, is a bit over the top, literally.

We fully expected San Francisco to openly support the Black Lives Matter movement, which is not the problem.

The problem is that the organization now appears to be flying a Black Lives Matter flag higher than the flag of the United States.

Per U.S. Code Title 4 Section 7, this is illegal.

Paragraph C of that section states, “No other flag or pennant should be placed above or, if on the same level, to the right of the flag of the United States of America, except during church services conducted by naval chaplains at sea, when the church pennant may be flown above the flag during church services for the personnel of the Navy.”

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but this picture sure looks like the BLM flag is far above the United States flag…

I have personally reached out to the 49ers for comment and clarification as to the placement of these flags, but my request has been ignored.

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