REPORT: Biden Administration Illegally Holding Migrant Children

Most of you probably recall the problem that the Trump administration had during the 2019 migrant surge regarding illegal immigrant children.

Because of the massive surge, authorities were not able to process the cases quickly enough, resulting in children being held more than the legal limit of 72 hours.

There was massive outrage on the left but as it turns out, the Biden administration is now facing the same challenges, yet the media is not even acknowledging the problem exists and the administration is denying there are any problems.

Over the Legal Limit

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has been all over the media the last few days claiming there is no emergency at the border.

As far as Mayorkas is concerned, everything is under control and the administration will continue to communicate to migrants that now is not the time to come to the country, but it will be soon…

That, however, is not the truth at all.

In reality, the surge at the border is far worse than we have ever seen it under the Trump administration, including the massive surge that occurred in 2019 when Trump was forced to declare an emergency situation.

Border Patrol stations are overwhelmed and the administration is scrambling to open up additional facilities to serve as holding stations while these individuals are processed.

This would include a “soft-sided” structure, what we in the real-world call tents, to hold overflow migrants.

While Border Patrol is working as hard as they possibly can, Biden’s new illegal immigrant-friendly policies have created a surge that simply is too much for border officials to handle.

As such, the transfer of children is, in many cases, taking more than 72 hours.

Unfortunately for Joe Biden, the law says they must be transferred from the facility within 72 hours, which means that Biden is breaking the law.

As we reported earlier in the week, in just one sector, hundreds of children are coming over the border every day.

Reports are claiming as many as 2,000 unaccompanied children are hitting the border every day overall, which is why facilities are being so overwhelmed.

When you offer blanket amnesty to illegals and allow chain migration, this is what you get.

Parents are literally dropping kids off at the border and leaving them on their own to get into the country so they can get amnesty and eventually bring the entire family into the country.

It is exactly what Donald Trump warned everyone about before he took office, while he was in office, and more recently, during his CPAC speech.

If the mainstream media and Democrats were so obsessed with this problem when Trump was in office, how come only alternative media is covering it now?

You can read the exclusive and full report on Breitbart.

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15 Responses

  1. The more stupid executive actions Biden signs the more he hurts our economy and the nation as a whole. He should rescind them all and behave like an educated president versus a fool!

    1. Do you actually believe Sleepy Joe is in charge? “Come on, man. Give him a break. He doesn’t even know his own name. Talk to KamaPelHill. The witches of East Wing are in charge, not old senile Joe!”

  2. If any one Really Believes JOE is calling any of the MOVES in the CURRENT Democractic administration occupancy in Our Government: DUH!!! I truly question your mentality!!!

  3. This is disgraceful and the American public needs to let the Dems know that it isn’t acceptable, just like the Dems and liberals let Trump know for the same thing. Where is the media and the press outrage on this subject. I haven’t heard a word from them. Joe has no clue what is going on and the fact that he is our President is a joke. He did nothing or is nothing to be the President. His handlers are making all the decisions. Promises made, promises NOT kept. At least Trump kept his promises. Trump in 2024.

    1. Sorry, Katydid, but “president” BOZO Biden is NO ‘Joke”!!! He’s too DANGEROUS to our country to be simply a “joke.” SAD, SCARY, TERRIFYING, yes, but hardly a “joke”!!!

    2. They SHOWED NO MERCY, THEY DESERVE NO MERCY! This “dual justice” outage NEEDS TO END! This hypocrisy needs to be recorded in our nations history so we can ensure we never again have such narcisistic, self centered people in office again!

  4. We all know by now… the media is just a propaganda machine covering up for the Democrats… just look how they covered up the fact that those peaceful protesters we’re actually terrorist for the Democrats… on the destruction and murder campaign how many American citizens lost their lives to fhese people all with the support of the Democrat and even Kamala Harris raising money for bail money so they could get out and do it again… and now they expect the American taxpayers to bailout these failed cities under Democratic Leadership

  5. According to Lara Logan it’s not the parents dropping off the kids at the border it’s now run entirely by the cartels.

  6. This is outragious. Biden making up a Harem for himself and his buddies? This needs to be stopped now and all illegal sent back across the border.

  7. They will try to blame Trump for Biden’s acts; total fools. He caused the problem now must accept the reality of his actions. Remove his storm trooper string puller. Arrest him for treason and collusion

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