REPORT: Biden Administration Purposely Slow-walked Kerry’s Financial Records

A Fox News report has blown the lid off yet another Biden administration scandal.  

The administration has reportedly purposely been holding back financial disclosures from John Kerry.  

After seeing what those documents contained, it is no wonder Biden and company were trying to keep the media in the dark.  

Hiding Kerry’s Money 

Biden could not have possibly picked a worse person to be his climate czar and member of the National Security Council in terms of optics.  

As we have previously reported, Kerry’s family is involved in a private jet leasing service, a big no-no for a climate czar.  

Kerry himself regularly flew private, even when he was railing about the “fact” we have about a decade before the earth implodes.  

However, the new documents are even worse, showing that Kerry pocketed a cool $5 million for serving as the chair of Bank of America’s Global Advisory Council.  

The documents also showed that Kerry’s family had liquidated roughly $15 million in stocks before Kerry took on his new role, which included significant oil and gas holdings.  

Locking Out the Media 

These financial disclosure forms are not supposed to be a big deal when requested by the media.  

In the case of Kerry, however, Fox News had to make the request five separate times, spanning weeks, for something that is usually fulfilled in a day or two.  

The only reason the administration caved was that Fox News was about to break a story regarding the roadblock to obtaining Kerry’s financial disclosures.  

It is time to stop playing games with Kerry and put him on the hot seat to answer questions regarding his finances and his relationship with Iran.  

Personally, his behavior looks traitorous to me, and I have little doubt that had he been a member of the Trump administration, Dems would have been calling for his head on a platter.  

Instead, they treat these issues much like they did when Rep. Swalwell (D-CA) was found to have been cuddling up with an alleged Chinese operative… it’s just no big deal. 

Money and power, folks, that is all Democrats care about.  

Source: Fox News 

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44 Responses

    1. Corruption from the top down. Could you just imagine the outrage from the Left if President Trump did just a fraction of what Biden has done?? Kerry is a total loser and corrupt individual. He lied about his Vietnam service and made it sound as if he saw battle which he didn’t. He should be in jail for treason. He loves Iran SO MUCH he should move there.

      1. People it’s time stop playing this B.S game and lock & Load and take this country back.

        1. I agree this is the only way we are going to get America out of the control of the communist masquerading as democrats and back to a republic that it was.

          1. Agree and we must have MR. DONALD TRUMP back at the helm and the quicker the better.

  1. Biden can only be happy when surrounding himself with people who are as stupid and corrupt as he is.

    1. With so many of them around, Biden will NEVER be without a crooked cohort, including some of his own family members.

  2. Just how much corruption, incompetence, destruction, treason and treachery does this POS get away with before someone moves to impeach him?

    1. There are no grounds to impeach President Biden, unlike former President Trump who colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election and then called for January 6th 2021 insurrection of the US Capitol building!

      1. That is the biggest bunch of BS I’ve ever heard. Trump had nothing to do with Russia during the 2016 election nor did he incite the riot on January 6. I have many videos from that day showing that the Police not only escorted the BLM & Antifa buses onto the Capitol grounds, but that they also opened the doors of the Capitol building to BLM & Antifa. I also have videos from people on the ground, including one from a member of Antifa, saying, sure they were there – they were asked to dress up like Trump Supporters & infiltrate the real Supporters. Another one by three military guys said they didn’t realize Antifa was in the crowd with them until they were pushed into the Capitol building. Spread your BS somewhere else!

        1. You are 💯percent correct we have it all as well you can’t feed us that load of BS we saw it all and Candace is absolutely right I’m sure Nan arranged the whole show

      2. Hey there Lee, you have to stop drinking the koolaid the Demoncrats want you to drink. Stop being a lemming and go against the sheep in Demoncrats clothing. Think for yourself, do alot of investigation (on both sides of the isle) and come up wit your own answers and opinions, instead of furthering the lies.
        Additionally, investigate Biden and all his corrupt family. Check out Kamala and her early years in SF and being the Mistress of Willie Brown…all the favors she received. I know all about M. Harris as I live in the SF bay area at the time.

      3. IDIOTS like you are responsible for this group being where they are today. Pull your head out of your A** and leave this Country right now MORON!

      4. Stop watching the PROPAGANDA on the COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK! 🤪Definition of a brain dead liberal – A person so stupid they don’t know what is good for them! A sheeple, useful idiot! Incapable of telling fact from fiction! Dropped on their head at birth. Gullible and easily fooled. No common sense.

      5. Think again he’s as crooked as his son and allowing illegal children to be caged and molested. Guess you voted for him

  3. Kerry is an incompetent, useless, self serving, HACK that is STILL sucking off of the Public teat !!!!!!!!!!!
    That is why he fits right in with this administration !!!!!!!!!!! They are ALL cut from the SAME CLOTH !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kerry should be arrested for treason – this isn’t the first time. He’s been a traitor to this company in prior years but the Dems keep protecting him. I hope things change soon!

  5. It’s funny, but when the small group of Biden/Dunnocra#s decided to impeach Trump twice they tried to do it. Americans, the conservative Democrats, Republicans and the courts kept them from doing it. But, no one seems to have the power or guts to impeach Biden, Harris, Pelousy, and the rest? Who’s really on our side and is proud to be an American. Is democracy and right or wrong completely forgotten?

  6. Dictators have no concern about pee ons, BUT when they get caught they cry like little babies.

  7. Who isn’t in biden party that isn’t corrupt. All it is now is just an organization for crime. Only criminals are accepted. This country is loss and we let it happen.

  8. I just hope they make someone really mad, and try to ask for help!! You can fool some of the people sometime, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time!! KARMA IS A B###H!!! JUST SAYING!!!

  9. They are all members of the Oscumas cult with
    Bathhouse Barry and ex linebacker husband, Big Mike in charge Corrupt, devious and anti American Follow the money trail and family backgrounds

  10. Biden like Kerry, Pelosi, Schumer and all the other are un-american treasonous bastards and should be held for treason, fraud and charged as traitors to the United States!!! The penalty for treason is death and should be brought into play!!

  11. Agree with all posts! Kerry is and always has been a lying, money grubbing pos. He lied about Vietnam Nam, went behind Trump’s back and cut deals with Iran, and told Iran about Israel’s attacks on Iranian backed terrorists in Syria. He should face a military tribunal and be executed for treason, so should all who are covering for him.

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