REPORT: Biden Blows Off Israel’s PM Emergency Phone Call on Vacation

I know we break Joe’s chops about all the time he spends away from the White House.

We did think, however, that there is a “break glass in case of emergency” scenario where Joe would get off the beach and answer the phone.

Forget about the 3 a.m. call that he may need to take because when Joe is at the beach, the phone is off, even during times of global emergency.

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During Joe Biden’s almost three-week vacation, Israel Prime Minister Yair Lapid tried to reach out to Biden.

Now, the White House always gives the impression that his nose is to the grindstone even when Joe is away from the White House.

Israel would beg to differ.

According to the report, Lapid’s office called Biden to discuss the return of the 2015 JCPOA nuclear pact.

The call was denied.

Lapid was told that Joe “is on vacation,” and they will have to hold the conversation at another time.

Lapid, on Biden’s desire to re-enter the deal, stated, “In our eyes, it does not meet the standards set by President Biden himself: preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear state.”

He continued, “We have made it clear to everyone: if a deal is signed, it does not obligate Israel. We will act to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear state.”

To add insult to injury, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz had a meeting with Defense Secretary Austin.

Unfortunately, Austin must have forgotten and left DC when the meeting was to take place.

An unnamed Israeli official was obviously frustrated over the treatment, stating, “the gaps between [Israel] and the Americans are very large.”

So, as it turns out, Joe Biden does not only avoid issues here in the United States by dipping out, but he also ignored foreign policy.

Our commander in chief… doesn’t he make you proud!

Source: Breitbart

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56 Responses

  1. He is president in name only,the old man will be impeached as soon as we get the majority in the house. He is a danger to our country and the world. He has no idea what he is doing and is not fit,mentally or physically to be president.

    1. Ohhh Sir, your words are spot on. The work has already started in the Republican camp to oust this lame, feeble, phony ” president “. And yes, the best case scenario is to IMPEACH his guy, and get a Republican President in The Oval Office as soon as is possible. Our Americans near the southern border are living an increasing fear that illegal aliens will ruin their style of live and their pursuit of happiness — so the GROUNDS for joey ( and that kammie chick ) to be replaced as soon as THE BIG RED WAVE makes its mark on November 8 …

    2. Not impeach. Try for TREASON because he is allowing our country to be invaded, our border to be controlled by drug cartels, trafficking in children, and handing $85 bilking in military equipment to our enemies.

      1. Amen to this Rosie46! Biden (our supposed to be leader of the free world) is destroying this country from the inside like termites destroy, so no need for our enemies to try to bring the country down, as Biden is doing it from the White House itself!

      2. Well Rosie46, I sent a reply to your post but apparently it must have butt hurt those that don’t like the voices or thoughts of those AMERICAN Citizens expressing their feelings thus my reply was Censured!
        Welcome to Bidens World where we once had Freedom of Speech, that no longer exists!

    3. I would care less if I read in the paper biden had a good heart attack or stroke, ALS, cancer, etc. Same for his cabinet and billionaire financiers like soros. Praying daily! God will deliver.

      1. “Praying daily! God will deliver.”

        If the killing of unborn/just-born innocent beings is overlooked by a God who Itself condemns killing, then what incentive must It have to deliver a nation from the whims of a perverse president?

    4. The only reason he should not be impeached & convicted is the chain of succession, commode to the septic tank. Hopefully at the next election we can not only drain the swamp but pump the septic tank.


  2. OK, so Joe gets MORE vacation than ANY person from the White House. BUT when it comes to foreign policy, Biden NEEDS to take the call. Or LEAVE the White House!!! This make America VERY FRUSTRATED that he is ignoring everything!!!! He should NOT remain as the Commander and Chief, since he is NOT acting like one!

  3. Biden is a joke. He should of never ran for President. He has made America the laughing stock of the world. We have gone from the strongest Nation to the weakest. I knew if he got elected, that all Americans would be in trouble and so would our great country. And damn if I wasn’t right. Kick him and Harris and the witch Polosi out before we wind up in World War 3.

  4. Not only do we have a collection of incompetent fools supposedly running our country but they are rude and arrogant also. Obviously, dopey Joe and his so-called cabinet are nothing but America hating goons. I just hope all the clowns that voted for dopey Joe and horizontal Harris are suffering the same as the rest of us!!

    1. Under the Leadership of President Donald J. Trump. this would have never occurred. President Trump and his team always handle situations professionally and immediately. America was highly respected, because President Trump was a STRONG AND EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT LEADER…..NOT A CAREER CRIMINAL LIAR DEMORAT POLITICAN.

  5. It is apparent that this installed President is a child as he is only interested in riding or falling off his bike than running a country. The key to getting Biden is Hunter – investigating Hunter will ensure that Biden is removed from office. Hunter should receive the same treatment as conservatives did in Trump’s administration. Impeach, remove, in-prison, destroy. It is time to demand from our leaders that we will no longer turn the other cheek but will fight in the same way they fought against us. To do any less means that we have surrendered our country to communists – that is not going to happen. Remember Biden every good Catholic knows that they should do unto others as they would like others to do unto them. Karma!

        1. We all know Nothing will ever come of The ” Big Guy” or Hunter ! This crime family has been untouchable for years!! $$$$$ Talks and Bullsh** Walks!! They are totally outa Control now! The United States is slowly being Destroyed and they won’t be happy until We the People are destroyed as well !! If this keeps up there will be NO Country left to save!!!
          I’m wondering if this reply will be censured like 2 of my prior replies were!!

    1. I agree 100%. If this had been a member of Trumps family he would have been taken down immediately. It’s also interesting how millions have been accrued in Biden’s bank account between the time he was VP to now. Hunter made the money and Pelosi’s son is doing the same. Harris would be just as bad or worse. Tired of the lies and yet many will still vote unwisely in 2024.

  6. We warned you about what a Biden Presidency would look like. And you voted for him anyway because you hated those mean tweets from that awful orange man. So do you miss President Trump yet?

  7. In other we have no one in charge they are both on vacation ??? But then we don’t have anyone in charge when they are there !!! Nice way to lead our country huh ??? Dumb and Dumber WOW !!! BRING OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP BACK !!!

    1. Well Mary Betty Mullner, I replied to you post but it was censured! Guessing my thoughts and opinions might have hurt the feelings of those in charge of what we think, feel and express! Wasn’t that once Protected under the Constitution!
      Shame on me as I forgot Biden declared Nothing in the Constitution is Absolute!! As every other words Biden begins his “declarations” with
      ” This is No Joke People, I’m serious ”
      We’re experiencing this “no joke” downward spiral everyday ! Guessing I don’t have a sense of humor cause I’m not Laughing!!!

  8. I agree with all of you except one thing: I can not call him a President because he is a wanna be one. He doesn’t deserve the title. Please bring back Trump. All of you the Republican’s please vote RED in Sept and Nov. That’s the only way we will anything unless you republications like what’s going on? Thank you. Sandy

  9. I have been telling everyone that Joe Biden is a menace, a threat to our National Security. The thing is, how do you impeach a man that is NOT the President of the United States? No, that is NOT Joe Biden. The real Joe Biden died at National Naval Medical Center of a fatal heart failure on 7/27/19. Get your facts straight people. You are only half right. Start looking these things up before opening your mouths to sound off!

  10. It appears that the only thing important to OLE JOE is riding his bike and playing on the beach. I shudder to think of what would happen in a national emergency arose. Voters should get his out of the White House ASAP!

  11. Of course he can’t take the call, there is no one there to tell him what to say. Obama need to be in close contact with Biden at all times.

    1. So true. Biden would not know what to say, and to begin with he would not understand what is being said. We are in big doodoo everyone.

  12. Of course he can’t take the call, there is no one there to tell him what to say. Obama needs to be in close contact with Biden at all times.

  13. What happens if Intelligence gets info that Iranian Nuke-ICBM has been launched toward USA and Joe is on vacation? He has the only finger for the button.

  14. Not surprised. He is the most useless wasteful President ever. He is screwing over Americans on a daily basis and catering to illegals who have never paid a dime in taxes. Tax payers are sick of it. He is a Nazi communist control freak and is destroying this country.

  15. I wish we could split the nation, the idiot democrats with their senile leaders have Northern USA and the conservatives have the Southern USA. We’d have to deport CA liberals to the east and without them we could clean up CA and begin growing again, plus get rid of the solar power plants. We could open our oil fields, and coal mines. They could have the EVs as they pollute more than gas cars and their wind and solar. It wont take long before they have a nation of rolling blackouts. We could back our allies, rebuild our military, and kick the “woke” crowds our of our schools. We could build the wall to prevent illegals from entering and deport the ones that did or do. Without the idjets running our nation now we’d prosper because we would not have as many people on welfare and wanting handouts for nothing.

  16. to every body who posted a remark I will say I agree with every one of you and go one step further and say he isn’t capable run a candy store even with that he’d screw the hell out of that because he’d screw up a wet dream and he did a bang up job when he banged Jill and had his two boys especially his second son punter the sh&^thead Hunter who has and should be prosecuted and tried for treason as well as Biden should too

  17. Let’s face it the senile Biden should be in a nursing home where all the decisions are made for him. He doesn’t have enough stamina to answer the Phone.

  18. I’m totally ashamed of Joe’s actions at this point. It’s definitely not a good idea for POTUS to insulate himself as much as Joe does. To insulate yourself and fail to listen and answer questions basically says “I DON’T CARE.” So why should “anybody” give their support at the polls to anyone that supports his failing agenda? November. It’s one big chance to force Joe to listen!!!

  19. Joe Biden is nothing more than a lowlife criminal, thief and traitor! He is a bought and paid for employee of the COMMUNIST CHINESE and GEORGE SOROS and it’s a shocking wonder that Patriotic Americans have allowed him to stay alive as long as he has. He is the lowest type of decrement and, he should end his life being flushed done an oversized toilet!

  20. Biden should be impeached all he does is vacation he is definitely useless. America deserves better and the Democratic Party will be the looser.

  21. That the U.S. government can allow a fraudulent president and fraudulent administration to hold power for nearly two years indicates that the better part of that government is, itself, fraudulent.
    The 2020 Election was a crime. Its perpetrators not only were not prosecuted but rather were promoted! Americans coast to coast are suffering the consequences of allowing a fraudulent president and administration to dictate life. And now, add Israel to the list of abandonments.

  22. Bring this country back to the principles it was founded upon, get rid of/eliminate all laws enacted thereafter, hang those responsible, tar and feather anyone speaking wrongly about our country, constitution, laws and way of life,,, after about one year of above actions things will settle down and go back to the way it should be.

  23. M A G A All the comments that i have read today are so true !!!!! There is one big problem, the idiots on the left will still vote the same way M A G A GO MR TRUMP GO I am a veteran of 22 years and old one at that this is not how i want to live under a communist way of life Excuse me for loving a country that was for the people One last word Bring back PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP to repair this broken country M A G A

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