REPORT: Biden Called Lincoln Project Co-Founder to Thank Them for Support

If you were paying attention during the 2020 campaign, you are more than likely familiar with the Lincoln Project.

The group was founded by a group of so-called conservatives that despised Donald Trump and did everything in their power to help Joe Biden.

It went much further than that, however, as the group also helped numerous other Democrats, apparently with the blessing of Joe Biden.

What Did Biden Know

I have long stated that the establishment wanted Trump out before he outed them all, and the establishment ties to the Lincoln Project run deep.

Even for the Republican establishment, Biden was the better option simply because he is neck-deep in corruption and needs to protect the establishment above all else.

Actually, one of the reasons I believe Biden ran was for that very reason, to be able to clean up loose ends and hide his own corruption.

As it turns out, at least according to a Politico report, Joe Biden was in contact with the Lincoln Project.

The report claimed that Biden reached out to the group after the election to thank them for their support.

What I want to know, however, is if Biden had talked to them at all during the campaign, especially when you consider some of the information this group became privy to.

Let’s also not forget the disgusting scandals attached to the group,  which all fall right into Joe Biden’s wheelhouse.

This sounds like something Republicans need to thoroughly investigate once they take over Congress.

It honestly would not surprise me one bit if we find some ties to Biden or his associates when a few rocks are turned over.

Source: Politico

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10 Responses

  1. the only reason Biden ran is because his son Hunter told him he had to , to cover all their dealings with China.

    1. Not a surprise it was well known at east Iwas aware how crooked the Biden family is !
      I read about this before he ran fo President ! I never would have voted for him anyway ! The whole family is involved including his brother ! Why this never came out before is beyond me it was out there. ! People are really naive they voted for him for ALL the wrong reasons ! Like I have said Trump is a business man and our Country is a business and Trump did a fantastic job! Just hope he runs again , think he will!

  2. They will get to the bottom of it. And everyone will see that you can’t stay in your basement or out of site and when a national election, however you can steal one that way.

  3. He was not elected, he was placed in power by the corrupt Dem’s establishment.
    The country is being run by committee control by the speaker.

    1. IF there weren’t so many , I would say cut and bleed them , THEN FEED them to the sharks , alligators , and fire ants. There are many places alligators live and thrive in, and of course sharks, it is the logistics of getting everyone who is corrupt into the specific areas of “need” . Hanging is way too humane for these corrupt “politicians”. Fire ants is sloooowwww , and should be reserved for a looonnnggg effect , especially on a large mound . Pelosi , Waters , Hunter , and AOC ,no wait , Beto , would look real good on a fire ant mound. I’ll stir for them.

  4. The Lincoln Project is nothing more than a bunch of frauds. They are Rinos and
    that makes them even more disgusting than Biden. I see the ones on TV and they
    are such pathetic creatures. I hope they like the nest of snakes they have bedded
    down with. Beware these snakes will turn on you in a minute if you are no longer
    of any value to them. It will serve them right.

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