REPORT: Biden Considering Another Release from Oil Reserves

Joe Biden is literally playing with fire right now.

Reports are surfacing that to drive down gasoline prices, Biden may release more oil from our strategic reservices.

Levels are already at their lowest in decades, putting the country in real danger if a conflict arises or if there is a disaster that prevents or severely limits domestic production.

Dangerous Game

This is all about the election… make no mistake about that.

Joe Biden sees the polls and knows the biggest concerns for Americans are inflation and the economy.

Gasoline has become the primary cost outside of rent/mortgage for many Americans right now.

Biden cannot afford gasoline prices to start trickling up during election week.

The current plan calls for the release to stop in October, but Biden is now considering keeping the release going until after the election.

Institute for Energy Research Senior Vice President Dan Kish stated, “They are timing emergency oil releases to the price of gas ahead of the midterms.

“Biden is deliberately selling off our emergency supplies and is doing nothing to replace them.”

He continued, “They say he (Biden) is trying to lower gas prices but he has done everything he can to halt domestic energy production.

“They are playing with fire because there will be no additional supplies to make up for the SPR losses.”

Reserve levels have not been this low in almost eight decades.

We would have less than three weeks’ oil supply in our reserves if we had to rely solely on that supply for domestic use.

Source: Daily Caller

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