REPORT: Biden Expected to Sign Executive Action on Gun Control Thursday

Joe Biden has apparently had enough of the back-and-forth between the parties over gun control.

Reports are now breaking that Biden has decided to issue an Executive Action to address the issue.

According to reports, the formal order will be announced and signed on Thursday.

Gun Control Action Imminent

Over the first two months of Joe Biden’s time in office, there have been at least three major mass shootings reported, and probably close to a dozen more the media has ignored because they did not check the right boxes.

Now, Biden has decided that rather than wait for Congress to work through its differences, he will take Executive Action on gun control.

At the top of the list is requiring background checks for purchasers of what are known as “ghost guns.”

These are guns bought in pieces and assembled; therefore, they do not have any serial numbers.

According to the reports, both Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland will present the Executive Action together at a press conference on Thursday.

That, so far, is the only action that we know about, but we do know that Democrats in office have put significant pressure on Joe Biden to put a ban against concealed “assault-style rifles.”

Biden himself has called for a ban on “assault weapons,” recently stating, “I got that done as a senator. It brought down mass shootings, we can do it again.

“We can ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in this country once again.”

Whatever Biden puts his name on, expect the action to head right to the courts.

Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, stated, “I think that President Biden will try to get away with as much as he can with executive orders.”

He added that if Biden oversteps his bounds, the organization is “very prepared to go to court.”

It is a safe bet that the NRA would be right there with them to file suit.

This is still a developing story and we will update once more information becomes available on the Executive Action.

Source: Fox News

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35 Responses

    1. Where is the NRA, NAGR, and other 2nd Amendment organizations? How did Planned Parenthood get an immediate injunction in hand blocking adverse action against them? How come lawyers for the NRA, NAGR, and other 2nd Amendment organizations do likewise and have injunctions in hand blocking bad news biden’s exec orders before the ink dries? Someone’s not doing something right…. Clog the courts…save the 2nd Amendment…absoulutely no compromise…the 2nd Amendment as written is non negotiable…

    1. You are 100% right!!! Time for the jelly backed Republicans to grow a spine and quit whining like Democrats and save the Constitution for a change! Time to throw that squatter out of the White House along with his illegitimate regime!!!!!!

    2. This is what the second amendment is all about, to prevent a tyrannical government from keeping us from bearing arms ( arms of any kind ) to protect our freedom and pleasures

    3. As long as the Democrats own Congress, impeachment is no more than a pipe dream. Harris, Pelosi and Schumer would make short work of squelching it.

    1. The SCOTUS should give Traitor Joe preemptive notice that his executive orders on gun control are unconstitutional and will be ruled so if he enacts them. Why unconstitutional you ask? For two very important reasons. First, the Constitution is clear that the right to bare arms shall not be “INFRINGED” and Traitor Joe’s proposed executive orders certainly in fringe on that right. Secondly, the Constitution clearly states that any duties not expressly given to the federal government fall to the separate states. No matter where you look in the Constitution do find that the federal government has any athourity to override the Constitution and INFRINGE on the rights of citizens nor does it give states the right to do the same. Should Traitor Joe go ahead with his plans to institute a gun control executive order that INFINGES on the right to bare arms then it is the obligation of every elected official from local to town, to city, to county, to state, to federal to follow their oath of office and file suite against Traitor Joe’s unconstitutional act directly to the SCOTUS. Why the SCOTUS? BECAUSE THE SCOTUS HAS PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY IN SUCH A CASE THAT INVOLVES POSSIBLE UNCONSTITUTIONAL, TRAITOROUS OR SEDITIONIST ACTS. That means the SCOTUS must hear thes cases. That means that it is the sworn duty of everybelected official to file suite regardless of their political affiliation. These elected officials must file suite or be viewed as co-conspiritors.

  1. Mr. BIDUMB: Leave your Grubby hands OFF of OUR Constitution. Your ‘Sleazy bag’ of of government, is a DISGRACE to we REAL Citizens of the U S of A. Do the US (AS in USA) and go back into your basement where you belong!

  2. This administration is slowly taking away our rights and before long they’ll be more and more ex orders on the way and our country will be no more

  3. The second amendment was designed to protect Americans against the very type of politicians which are currently in power. Left unchallenged, they would destroy the very constitution this country was founded upon. Very unsettling times we live in.

    1. Kenneth Carson you are so right, he needs to be run out of town on a rail and go back to Delaware where he came from. He has done enough damage to this Country. God please save this Country I pray and make it livable for my grandchildren.

  4. A very piss poor attempt at trying to impersonate a human being. This is the most worthless, corrupt, feckless, lying, braindead lunatic in the world. It’s starting we might as well LOCK AND LOAD ITS TIME TO ROLL

  5. I told the public two years ago that if bejing biden ran for president and he got elected, that he would use the office of the president of the United States of America to ban certain types of firearms and eventually all types of firearms. He was installed as president into office in January 2021 and as every body can see the damage is done, the firearm dealers don’t have any ammo. I looked lasr night on some dealers web site’s and none of them had any ammo in stock. What’s the use of having firearms if you can’t find the ammo for them. If you find ammo anywhere, it’s going to cost you 3 to 4 times as much as it was one and a half years ago. Our country is being destroyed by communist democratic party, and they are ripping our constitution to shreds. You were warned what was going to happen when biden was put into office. Just sit tight and hold onto your butt with both hands. When biden was campaigning, he said that he was going to take our guns. God be with us and protect us.

  6. Biden should be put back in the basement.He is crazy ,he can think he can’t remember his own name.Remember what office he was running for ,I’m running for the senate,remember that and he is our president give me a break ,he is coming after your guns better load up.”Communist “”Biden”Polise”Shift

  7. An EO cannot possibly override a Constitutional Right granted in the Bill of Rights. Am sure thousands of lawyers will make billions on this boondoggle.

  8. I read many comments and am curious to know how many of us join and support gun rights organizations that can provide a large voice for our cause. A unified voice is more effective than each of us providing a “chirp” that is largely ignored by our elected officials.

  9. To stop guns will not keep them from the hands of the wrong people. They can still get illegally.

  10. This whole Biden administration is completely destroying America ! ! ! IT WILL NEVER BE THE AMERICA THAT I GREW UP IN ! ! ! I just cannot believe that so many of our political LEADERS are perhaps in it for what they can get out of their political status, or they are just downright TRAITORS ! ! ! While I didn’t go along with everything that Trump did, I truly felt that he was sincere in what he did, doing what he felt was best for America !

  11. Everyone want Biden out of office, but where will that leave us. With Vice P Harris. We would be jumping from the frying pan into the fire. We need to get both vice president and the President out at once. Oh yeah then you will have Nancy Pelosi as president. No matter how we go we the people will be left with the enemy in charge. I have no idea how to fix the mess we are in. Maybe some smart lawyer or professor of the constitution can find away out of this mess. I do not think our founding fathers every thought we would be in this mess ever.


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