REPORT: Biden Lost Temper with Zelensky Over Aid Request

When Joe Biden was recently asked how long the United States will support Ukraine, he said, “As long as it takes.”

Behind the cameras, Joe Biden is not so understanding.

Reports are now surfacing that Biden lost his temper with President Zelensky during a June phone call over a request for aid.

Angry Joe

NBC News published a report on Monday documenting the call.

Biden had just secured $1 billion in aid for Ukraine.

However, Zelensky wanted more.

Biden reportedly lost it on Zelensky, yelling at him for not being grateful for the help the United States had offered.

Zelensky reportedly set Biden off by giving him a laundry list of items they still needed.

Zelensky eventually praised the United States for all its help during a press conference, which calmed Biden down.

Since the war started, the United States has sent about $20 billion in aid to Ukraine.

Much of that has come from our stockpile, leaving the United States vulnerable to attack until the stockpile is replenished.

Approval ratings for helping Ukraine have started to dip, which could explain why Zelensky has been making more offensives.

He needs to show that Ukraine can win, not just hold serve, or he knows the supply chain will shut down once the GOP takes over Congress.

Source: Newsmax