REPORT: Biden Vaccine Mandates Already in Danger

Whether he likes it or not, Joe Biden may soon have to back off his vaccine mandates.

Earlier today, we reported on the outlook regarding future jobs reports, but it now appears as though it could be far worse than even we initially thought.

Biden and Democrats thought pushing through vaccine mandates via an OSHA requirement would get everyone to break, but it has now presented both legal and PR problems that will have to be addressed very soon.

Can They Be Enforced?

The first problem Biden has is regarding the enforceability of the mandate.

OSHA is still working on the rule, but Biden better be very careful to ensure this new rule is airtight because it will be challenged legally.

They will only have one chance at this, and some constitutional experts have already questioned if such an order is even legal.

Pushback Already

The second problem for Biden is that we have already seen significant pushback by employees in the private and federal sectors.

Our military is set to lose hundreds of thousands of troops over the next three months who refuse to take the vaccine.

This weekend, Southwest Airlines was forced to cancel thousands of flights with rumors of a “sick-out” taking place.

The airline has denied that was the case, instead blaming the cancelation on weather, but that is being met with significant skepticism.

United Airlines is about to lose at least 600 employees for not being vaccinated.

The one industry where you would suspect people would be on board, the health care industry, is losing employees by the thousands over the refusal to take the vaccine.

This has left many hospitals short-staffed in the most critical areas, with a New York hospital system already having canceled elective surgeries.

The fines are massive for companies that do not follow the mandate, so they have no choice but to fire these people, which will utterly destroy the jobs reports come November and December.

When those reports tank, investors dial back, and the market crashes, which opens up another problem for Biden that he is clearly not ready to deal with at this point.

COVID may have gotten Democrats into the White House, but now it appears as though it is about to gut the entire party.

Source: Washington Examiner

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22 Responses


    1. Another Amen to getting rid of Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, etc. If he did win the election, which I doubt, it was bought and paid for by George Soros. Who would vote for a guy that promises to raise taxes, makes us oil dependent, and is senile. Obama wanted $10.00 a gallon gas – just another term for Obama.

  2. Short-sighted morons. In attempting to implement their nazi vaccine mandates they are going to finish destroying their already dismal jobs numbers. Oh, this could not be more entertaining! These amateurs just HAD to steal their way into power, and then their own idiocy and ineptitude are making every one of their attacks backfire. Very fun to watch!

  3. BiDUMB and his handlers are DRUNK with power. They not only need to be stopped, they need to be eliminated, from the figurehead (BiDUMB) on down the line. One problem is: Who, in reality, are his handlers? Remember, the SWAMP is vast and deep.

    1. MAY BIDET’, Piglosi, Schumer, and especially obama “burn in Hell for eternity” because of all their evil ways! My wife is suffering from Cancer that is now stage 4 and moving to other parts of her body! I KNOW there are treatments that would keep her alive out there (and would be already at work if Trump had his rightful Presidency)! I am PRAYING for her life-while I Pray for these democrats to forever burn in Hell!!

  4. I hope they all fall VERY SOON!!!! The whole lot of those luciferian profiles will burn in hell and not a minute too soon for me.

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